Get Busy And Stay Busy

Blog 1300 – 04.01.2019

Get Busy And Stay Busy

Two of the great problems in life are loneliness and boredom. The cure for both is the same – get busy, and stay busy. Busy people do not have time to feel sorry for themselves, nor to be bored or lonely. But I do not have anything meaningful to do one might say. First of all anything will do, it is we who give meaning to any endeavor and secondly just think of something that interests you. It you try it and it is not your cup of tea, break that cup, and think of something else. Even persons with limited resources, limited ability, limited mobility, and even limited intellect can still think and it is amazing not only what we can come up with and what we can accomplish and what full and gratifying lives we can live. There is no one as attractive and compelling as a person busy trying to achieve something and likewise no one less attractive and less compelling than someone with nothing to do, complaining about the emptiness of their lives. Just look around you there is always something that needs to be done and no one willing to do it. Be that someone. Get busy.

A lot of illness is caused by too much time on our hands and too little activity. Often people who have worked hard all their lives only live a couple of years, if that, after they retire. All their dreams of relaxing, pursuing hobbies, and travel seem to lose their luster when the job that gave them a place to go, work to do, and people to interact with every day is gone. We can find purpose and all that again just by getting busy. Work comes to those who are the busiest. Want to get a job done and quickly find a busy person. Be the busy person.

Start each day with a few planning moments and on a piece of paper or on your computer, tablet, or phone make a To Do List. Write down at least five things you want to accomplish before the sun goes down. Tick them off as you complete them. You will find after a while that it is hard to stop at five, don’t stop, add as many as you like and if you need to, start tomorrow’s list early. Out of these things other things will come to mind and some of those ideas will turn into projects some even potentially large projects that will take a long time to accomplish and you may even need help. Great businesses that employ a great many people were born just like that.

You might even find your true calling in these efforts to just get busy and stay busy. But, even if you do not you will start to feel better in your body and catch yourself complaining a lot less, and smiling a lot more. Also you will sleep and eat better. It takes both fuel and periods of restful sleep to stay busy and the new and busy you will be a well oiled machine again in no time. When anybody asks you, how you do all that you do, you will smile and say, I am too busy taking care of business, right now, let me give it some thought and I will get back to you when I am not so busy. But then never do. Just get busy and stay busy, you smarty you.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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