It Is A Small World

Blog 1289 – 03.21.2019

It Is A Small World

Yesterday morning after returning to my main work project from a two day stint down further south in Colorado checking some welding that my boss is having done at a fabricator south of Loveland, Colorado for her next project, I met a new welding inspector. Turns out he was a welder on a job I worked on in Hudson, Colorado six years ago. It is a small world indeed.

We often meet up with people again and again on this wonderful journey and it behooves us to treat each and all as nice as we can for we will have further dealings with them, here or hereafter. Someone has said it rather succinctly, “Be kind to all going up the ladder as you may meet them coming down.” Many end up working for a person that used to work for them so it is important that we learn to communicate downwards as well as upwards.

Most everyone learns the important skill of how to talk to those in authority over them but neglects the equally needed skills of side to side and downward communications. One of the most remarkable aspects, to me, of what we know of Jesus from the reports was that he could deal with all people and was especially kind to those on the lower rungs of life. I think that all children of Love should learn to so conduct themselves.

With so many modes of instant communication our world is getting smaller not bigger, as well as the number of people we get to meet in a lifetime. And, oh, those missteps do come back to haunt us with a vengeance. So do yourself and everyone else a favor, be kind or rewind and give it another go. I have often remarked that in this life it pays to keep one’s reverse gear well greased for most, if not all of us, have cause to use it quite frequently.

If ever my words, meant to be entertaining, enlightening, but most especially encouraging, miss all those high marks and instead offend anyone, rest assured it was not my intent and I hope that person if they cannot just overlook it will let me know so I can make a sincere effort to apologize and make whatever amends that I can. It is a small world and I love it here and want to always do my level best to make it a more pleasant place to be for everyone I come in contact with. And if we perchance should meet or meet again may it always be as best of friends.

You friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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