Lots Of Ideas, How About A New One?

Blog 1288 – 03.20.2019

Lots Of Ideas, How About A New One?

To those of you, and I hope your number continues to grow, who are friends, fans, and followers of this daily blog, you have probably noticed that some themes repeat and often. Many of us older folks are rightly accused of allowing our thinking to shrink and crystallize around a few “hobby horse” ideas and opinions till we have no room for new thoughts, ideas, or opinions to enter into our thinking. That tendency is in my opinion one if not the primary cause of early onset dementia in many. Not just old folks are guilty of thinking “We know it all, or all we need too.” And that is a sure fire way to shut a brain down till we are not only unable as the old dog they say is to learn new tricks but we also start to forget the ones we once knew.

Five things I try to keep open besides my mouth and I probably do that way too much. Those five things are, my eyes, my ears, my heart, my mind, and my arms to hug a friend. There is never a shortage of new ideas or friends for those who stay open. I refuse to allow fear to close any of the above for I am open to love. That does not mean that I expect everyone to love me or to treat me nice always but I try to give them the benefit of the doubt and hope they will me too.

It seems so often that people are just trying to find a a way, slick or not so, to get our money into their pockets. I even read one of those “How to get rich selling” books one time that said a true salesman sees the money in other people’s pockets as his or her own and needs only to talk them into giving it to him or her. That is how thieves think, not true salesmen or businessmen. Every purchase of goods or services, to be legitimate, must be value for value but too often “the con”, “the fix”, “the angle”, the “short change” seems to be the sales or business model.

I still believe if you give true value in goods and services that the world will beat a path to your door. Whether or not you build a better mouse trap if you give good value for the price you will have not only repeat customers but they will spread the word and that is advertising no slick ad campaign can touch. For years Hershey Chocolate refused to pay for advertising beyond the labeling on the wrappers of their candy bars and chocolate products. It worked for them but even they like so many of us bought into the Mad Men, Madison Avenue hype. These are the hucksters, the medicine show salesmen who put a little feel good in a bottle and say it is good for what ails you. It might be poison or just a sugar pill but if it rakes in the dough, oh we’ll deal with the damage later. And we have and continue to.

Sometimes, most times in fact, when I grab the thread of a thought or an idea for this blog I have little clue as to where it will lead or end up. The two things I try to keep in mind though are to love and to encourage. Life is not always pink bows and pie in the sky but I believe even dark clouds contain the precious rain that refreshes, cleans, and quenches the thirst of plants, animals, and us. Oh, we need sunshine too, dirt, air, room to grow, and time to reveal our blooming potential. Now there’s an idea.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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