“I’ll Gladly Pay You Tuesday.”

Blog 1287 – 03.19.2019

“I’ll Gladly Pay You Tuesday”

My dad was quite a jokester and was always looking for an opportunity to use one of his well-practiced comical lines. One, I recall him using often, was, “I would rather owe you the rest of my life than cheat you out of a penny.” In the old Popeye, the sailor man, cartoons there was a character called Wimpy that was always bumming for money to buy a hamburger and his signature line was, “I’ll gladly repay you Tuesday.” Unlike Wimpy my dad always paid his debts on time or made arrangements with his creditors to get caught up when he could and encouraged his sons to do so as well.

I am here to tell us all, “It is Tuesday” and high time we paid our all debts off and made a vow to ourselves to live debt free as much as possible. And I know many of you think that is impossible but we have been programmed to think that. Sadly a large percentage of people in this great country do not have four hundred dollars laid aside for even small emergencies. That means they are one paycheck away from bankruptcy, financial ruin, even harder times than they are already going through, constantly juggling, “robbing Peter to pay Paul.” There is indeed a conspiracy to keep as many of us as possible poor so the one percent can be filthy rich. But we must be complicit for it to continue to succeed.

My dad from that first ten cent a week allowance, that he gave me and my brother, told us, “Boys, save a little out of everything you get, it is a habit you won’t regret.” I did not listen, well that is not true, I did listen I just did not “do it.” My brother, to his credit, learned earlier to manage his money than I did. I have earned a lot more money in my sixty-eight years than my dad did in his seventy-three. Yet when he died his estate was greater than mine would be if I passed today. But, several years ago I began to rectify that. I am on plan to pay of all my creditors and I began to save several years ago so that this January when I did a snapshot of my personal finances for the first time since I made that first loan for a car forty-eight years ago I actual have more money than I owe. Wow, does that ever feel good. Not a lot, yet, but each year I live from here on out that difference is going to grow in my favor till I am debt free never to be sucked into that hole again.

Well, that is my plan and as the leader of the A-Team is fond of saying, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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