How To Become Great At Anything

Blog 1286 – 03.18.2019

How To Become Great At Anything

One of my favorite subjects is how one gets really good, great, at anything. As a launching pad I would like to revisit a discussion that I had with my Bible college Personal Evangelism professor who was fond of quoting the King James Version of a particular verse as a justification for the college and his class: “Study to show thyself approved a workman unto God.” My point was that the word “Study” in the KJV is interpreted “work hard” or “be diligent” in the more modern translations for how could study show you anything but a student, work is what shows one a workman or working woman.

My point is that if we really want to get good, great at anything, more important than continued study is to get at it, work at it. I remember hearing a radio program some years ago where the speaker was sharing his view that the secret to doing anything well was to do it ten thousand times. To illustrate his point he said that for years he had heard how the sixties musical group, The Beatles, had seemingly burst on the scene with their new sound and shot right to the top of the charts. What really happened was quite different than what the public relations people and the record publishers had put out. The Beatles developed their great harmonies, sound, and song writing abilities by playing eight hour sets together on tour in Germany for several years as an unknown band from Liverpool. Hour sets were common at the time but the mop-headed boy band worked at their craft for many more hours not just studying music or even practicing but performing. James Brown called himself, “The hardest working man in the music business”, and he also performed a lot of hours and developed a great sound of his own. But the Beatles captivated a generation and their harmonies are still captivating young and old today. A sound like theirs comes only from long hard work, performing, singing and playing together for way over ten thousand hours.

I have been at this daily blog now nearing four years and at this rate I will have to live several years beyond the high end of the average life span of a man born in 1950 to write ten thousand blogs which is my personal goal. But then whether I accomplish that goal or not I will still have reached I believe the even more noble goal of becoming not just a good but a great encouraging word guy.

Thank you for reading.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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