Spring Comes Late To Wyoming

Blog 1285 – 03.17.2019

Spring Comes Late To Wyoming

The picture today is a recent one from my home in Houston, Texas. Spring will most likely be coming much later to Wyoming. I was here several years ago and had to leave my little trailer at the Happy Camp Ground in Baggs, Wyoming to go to Hudson, Colorado for a new work assignment. The snow was about sixteen inches deep when I left in early February so I asked the manager at the campground when I might expect to be able to come back for my trailer and he said the first or second week of June but to call first to make sure. I was actually the second week of June that year. And by the time I drove there I saw the loveliest Wyoming ever all green and lush from the melted snow. Wow.

Wow is I think the first word I uttered the first time I saw Wyoming on the way with my wife teenaged son to see Mount Rushmore some years ago. Oh, but what natural wonders we saw before we ever saw that man-made marvel. I remember one of the songs by a hippie looking chick, Karen Lafferety, on her nineteen seventy five debut album called, “Bird In A Golden Sky” began with the words, “He’s a poet, he’s a painter, he’s a natural rainbow maker…” He/She, the Universe, certainly is and one has only to look around to confirm that.

For the four, sometimes five month winters in Wyoming, much of that beauty can be found under a white blanket of snow but that is beautiful too. I was just telling someone the other day that though many people prefer hot beaches, palm trees, and drinks with umbrellas in them I prefer snow capped mountains and nights cold enough that snuggling is not just fun but required to survive and stay alive.

But then, I am a confessed Baby and babies may not know much but they know the importance of the warmth and reassurance of another human touch. Much as I love the cold and snowy long winter months of the northwest it is the promise of the long awaited spring that warms many hearts and even my own.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Dear Friends.


My Paddy’s Day Song

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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