The Path

Blog 1284 – 03.16.2019

The Path

During my two snow days off work I watched several episodes of the Hulu series, The Path. Did it ever bring back memories of my break with a fundamentalist religious group. Some might call them “a cult” but then as the group in the series they would have likewise answered, “We are not a cult but a movement.” People believe all kinds of seemingly unbelievable things because they want to be a part of, belong to something, that gives life meaning for them.

The group in the series, the Meyerites, self professed followers of the light, look for “broken people” who are ripe to be “repaired”, “reprogramed”, and “redeemed.” Many religious folks would find the show offensive but for the fact that most religious people have no problem seeing the errors of other groups just not their own. The same way we see most politicians as corrupt, sold out, but not our guy or girl, they’re different, we’re different. But they, we, are not, we are the same, looking for something to believe in, to give our money to, our time to, our lives to, that will help mask our often deep discontent with ourselves and our lives.

We are all on a path that we have chosen and continue to choose to walk till we don’t, till something wakes us up to the thought that we might be on the wrong path, or at least not the best path for us. Often marriages dissolve, children are devastated, and friends forever are parted over someone’s decision to try a different path, or leave the particular one that they might have traveled on for a long time but not longer believe it to be taking them where they want to go.

There is a verse I recall that says, how good it is for two to walk together, if one falls the other is there to pick them up, if one is cold the other is there to help keep them warm. But this can only work if both are headed in the same direction and want to continue going there together and that is always a matter of choice for each, to continue on together or to part ways. I saw in watching The Path a similar thread to that in the great George Orwell novel, 1984, where he depicts sexual love as a far stronger draw and glue than political and religious belief.

Politicians and religious leaders proposes that people who share their ideas are “family” and that the “body of believers” is more important than that of the individual or nuclear family. But they are wrong and trying to prove their beliefs the most right they first try to separate the ones they target from our family and friends saying they will hold us back or that our family is jealous of our “truth. But, do not believe it. The people who know us, have watched us grow from a seed, know better who we are and what we need, far better than strangers who have their own agendas and need followers to submit to their will, to support their platforms, and build their organizations.

Someday we all leave home to start a home and a family of our own but anyone who completely forsakes their and family and friends for any cause often wakes up later to regret it. Now abide faith, hope, and love but remember – the greatest of these is Love. That is our path and to wander too far from family is to hurt ourselves and all those we love who love us, our true family.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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