A Day That Had Everythingi

Blog 1283 – 03.15.2019

A Day That Had It All

It was a day that had it all – pouring rain, blowing wind and blizzard snow. More snow than I had in all my sixty-eight years ever seen before. But then I love rain, wind, and especially snow. And having work off due to the weather I got to watch it all from the warmth and protection of my little home on wheels on the high prairie. Mid morning about an hour or so after the rain turned to snow and the ground was all covered by the blowing snow their came a knock on my trailer door. Surprised a bit, I grabbed my robe and yelled, “Be Right there.” As I opened the door I saw a UPS guy with a package that I was not expecting till Thursday. He had snow on his furry flapped pile cap and he smiling asking, “K-1?” And I said, “Yes, Sir” and he handed me the package. It was a clipboard for holding 11” X 17” drawings with a lockable clip at the top and one on each side for hold drawings securely in the high winds of southeastern Wyoming and the front range of northeastern Colorado.

I love snow and every time it snows, to me it feels like Christmas day or my birthday. The day of the big snow storm build as the biggest Wyoming had seen since 1979 was for me a day that had it all. Having been a Boy Scout for a year in my youth I prepared by having extra food and drink laid by in case I was “snowed in” for a couple of days. The one thing that would have made it better would have been to have had my beloved wife Linda here with me. I even said so several times to her on the phone. I am grateful that we have gotten to spend more time this last year together both in my little trailer in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Wyoming, and in our home in Houston, Texas, than we have in the almost eleven years since I began contract inspecting and traveling around the globe. Linda has driven to spend time with me in most of the places that I have been assigned to in the States for more than a few months. And I can never thank her enough for doing that for me and proving time and again how much she loves me and reminding me how very much that I love her.

I have been dealt some very good cards in my life but none better than the one I was dealt that day over thirty one years ago now when I went to a Sunday afternoon Bible College reunion with a couple of friends and met Linda Lee Stokes again, I had briefly met and known of her in college fifteen years before. A group of us college alumni went out for dinner and conversation after the reunion. We all sat in a big booth at Champs Restaurant, a Denny’s like restaurant, that had a train high on the wall that made circuits around the restaurant during our meal, the train whistle tooting as it passed above us. We all had a good time, my best buddy Roger and I especially poking fun at the narrow religious beliefs we had both left far behind. I think Linda was a bit fearful Roger and I might have our hair parted by lightning bolts for some of our more irreverent remarks. Connie, Roger’s wife, looked as if she might have thought so too. It did not happen, I had just months before begun my almost twenty year long “atheist period.” I was never all that good at it.

A few days after the reunion Linda called Connie trying to find me. She had forgotten my name and asked Connie if she knew how to get in touch with Larry. It is still a joke we smile about, Linda looking for her Larry. We were married a couple of years later and had a wonderful son, Jonathan, who will be twenty-nine the third of April. When Jon was a boy we had a computer game called Leisure Suit Larry that he found hilarious. Thank heaven for that day many years ago now and going to that little reunion and dinner afterwards and making a wonderful life long connection with Larry’s number one girl, LLS. Roger and I almost blew it off and let Connie go alone to the reunion. I am so glad we changed our minds.

You know I used to believe in fate, in destiny, not so much any more. In fact I think perhaps even the Universe changes His/Her mind based on the way we change our minds and thereby our circumstances. Doris Day sang the French equivalent for, “Whatever will be, will be.” We can try to blame everything on a devil that I happen to believe does not exist or a God that I happen to believe does exist but again I happen to believe that all that happens we are creating with our own thoughts. I end this piece as my friend Mike Dooley, author of Notes From The Universe, often does, “Thoughts become things, choose the best ones.” And thereby make every day or at least most of them, “A Day That Had Everything.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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