Let It Burn

Blog 1282 – 03.14.2019

Let It Burn

If I had grown up a Mormon, or a Muslim, or a Jew my quotes would probably come more from the Book of Mormon or the Quran, or the Torah but since I started this journey pretty much in the smack dab center of the buckle of the Bible Belt, Chattanooga, Tennessee, it is Bible phrasing, the King James Version in particular, that fills much of my thoughts. As I saw the bright flare go off the other morning at the gas plant I am currently working at in north eastern Colorado the phrase came to me, “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify God.”

A friend who takes telephone sales orders at two large retailers texted me recently that on a late shift she was “hit on” by men and women, Elenor Rigby types, not buyers but lonely people that the Beatles sang about: “All the lonely people, where do they all come from?” They, so many of us, have forgotten Who and Whose we are and even those of us who remember too often get over excited when we see the rain, the wind, and the snow blow. Another Bible phrase for you, “Greater is He (She) that is in you than He (She) that is in the world.”

We are indeed the light of this world and how then can we curse the darkness. It is not real, we are. To think and believe that we are alone is to shut our eyes and ears to the truth but even more than that it is to deny Who and Whose we are. We do not need to step into the light, come to the light, we just need to shine, to burn brightly, to hear that still small voice whisper as it does all the time, “Beloved, I am with you always, I am yours, and you are mine.”

Mormons, be Mormons, Muslims, be Muslims, Jews, be Jews, Christians, be Christians and all the rest, but more than these things we are God’s, or gods, like parent, like child. Crazy Dave, you are really hot today, as well we all should be – Aflame. Say my name, yours the same, “Oh, my God.”

Do yourself a favor and Google:

Official Link from La La Land – John Legend – Start A Fire

If you have heard and seen it before, hear it and see it again.

Let it burn.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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