Blog 1279 – 03.11.2019


As I was coming to the end of an almost twenty year period in my life where I tried my very best to be an atheist, a non-believer in a heaven, a higher power, or an eternal spirit in myself or anyone else, I suddenly had to reconsider what for me was an unsustainable “belief.” I had lost in those years the ability to say or to write sentiments such as “Love always” or “Yours for evermore.” I remember a friend suggesting during that time that he thought I should join the Free Masons and I told him that I could not for that organization required a belief in a higher power.

Checking into a thirty-five page paper purchased on-line at a dollar per page entitled, “Beyond The Secret” on page one I read that like the Free Masons what the author of the paper offered regarding “The Manifesting Process” would not work for anyone unless they believed in a higher power. But he completely disarmed my atheistic bent when he wrote, “If that is a problem for you, think of the higher power as just your higher best self.” Done and done, God is One.

Thereafter the hereafter opened up for me again, and evermore and always were again a part of my lexicon. What a great relief as once again my Universe expanded. The Universe became a new favorite name for God for me and one of my favorite Scriptures, and I had committed many to memory since a boy, “God is all in all” He/She is everything, everything – every one, every thing. “World with out end, Amen.” Evermore.



I love this song, and singing it, from the last Disney incarnation of the Beauty And The Beast legend. Another legend, story, The Velveteen Rabbit teaches us that Love Makes Us Real and this one teaches us what we in our hearts already know, that love is eternal, forever more, and therefore so are we for we are a part of everything, of the Universe, of God.

I told you already one of my favorite names for God, one of my favorite scripture verses and now I will close with one of my favorite ways of ending letters, text, and emails, “Love always, David.” (Sometimes D for short.) With the caveat, “Do and say unto others what you would have them do and say unto you.” So whether you take my salutation as a request or an announcement of intent, the three words are true either way. “I’m gonna love you forever and ever, Amen” and that is just the way I want you to love me, too, my friend.

“Forever And Ever, Amen.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Love always,

David White

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