Blog 1280 – 03-12-2019


I have many friends and I am grateful for every single one of them and hope to make yet many more before my journey here is over. One of my friends, named Bernie, emails me from time to time with encouraging and enlightening words. I lift a quote from a recent one to share with you, my friends, today.

“focus on one desire at a time and address

it once and for all…”

We have a tendency, many if not most of us, to approach the problems, as well as the dreams and desires in our life, in a scattered, haphazard way, if at all, and usually we are like the dog in Bernie’s story, laying on the porch on a nail and just moaning because it hurts just bad enough to make us moan but not bad enough to make us move. To heaven with that, anything that is getting our attention enough to make us moan and groan should move us into addressing it, focusing on it, once and for all.

Focus, is a rare art in a world where the illusion of “multi-tasking” is so prevalent. I say illusion because nothing makes us act like we belong to that famous tribe of workers I refer to as “semi-hole indians” (Half-assed because of the way they work, never giving anything their full and complete attention.) Note: The First People were mis-labeled “Indians” by an Italian ship captain probably trying to do too many things at once, i.e. discover a new better trade route to India, find where these new people hid their gold, and figure out how to pay back Queen Isabella on a high interest loan she had made him – talk about your half baked and half assed indians. No, insult intended to real Indians, red dot, or feather head-dressed kind, nor the Italians, Columbus in particular. Oh, I do not discount that there may be some rare individuals so conscious and wide awake that they can chew gum and walk at the same time but for most doing both well at the same time is a stretch. Still there is a lot of evidence that anyone with even limited brain power and dexterity can do one thing right at a time if they focus clearly enough.

So pick a problem or a dream and focus on it. Things will immediately become clearer and we can easily start to identify some baby steps that we might take toward solving that problem or making that dream come true. In all your focusing do not forget to focus on the One who can in ways we would be hard put to find out completely or to understand, solve every problem and make come true every dream. And the story goes that even walking on water was possible for one whose focus was singular and sharp enough. Do not try this one on your own without a parent or life guard supervising.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Focused on . . .

David White

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