In My Opinion

Blog 1275 – 03-07-2019

In My Opinion

I have probably mentioned and perhaps several times that in high school over fifty years ago now I had two years of Journalism and worked on the school paper. The first year of Journalism class I was a reporter for the paper and the second year I shared the editorial page as co-editorial editor and had a column called, In My Opinion.

Like most of you I have and still hold strong opinions but I never intend to offend anyone when expressing an opinion and I am not so stupid as to think that I am always right or have interpreted all the facts correctly or even that I ever have all the pertinent facts at hand. The First Intention of The Ten Intentions For A Better World begins with, “I refrain from opposing anyone…” And that my friends, in my opinion, is an excellent place to start. One, if not the greatest teachers ever, taught that we should not oppose our brothers but love them in spite of how despitefully we are used and abused by them at times and that by so doing in the end we might win them. He not only taught that by his words but by his example. Examples are given to be followed. And I am not suggesting that any of us willing submit to crucifixion. There is no need to do that, for that has already been done. But we can simply hold our peace and even if we know the other person is dead wrong resist the temptation to correct them, score a point, “school them” and just let them be “right” for once.

A friend at work was sharing a lesson that he had learn the hard way about fighting from a boss who was in his words, a real ass, but that really knew how to manage a job and people. His boss had heard from him several times what a wrong-headed person one of my friends fellow workers was and had heard them go at it in more than one heated argument. The boss told my fellow worker that he could only protect him up to the point that he got into an argument with his workmate and that if he did not learn to calm down and just let the other guy be “right” even if he wasn’t, that he would be forced to let both of them go. I mentioned to my friend that his boss’s words reminded me of the company policy at many places I have worked that fighting results in both employees being fired. If some one hits you and knocks you down that is assault but if you fight back you are both guilty of fighting and should therefore both be let go. If someone is arguing with you the argument usually ends if you refuse to continue to argue.

The great teacher said, “Do not resist violence.” Not because he was a wimp or wanted us to be wimps but because he knew that it takes tremendous courage to walk away from an argument or a fight, to not answer back, to not fight back, and that letting the other be “right” is the short cut to possibly restoring a strained relationship, to winning a brother. Opinion? Yes, I suppose so, but all opinions are not created equal and most we should often probably just keep to ourselves at least till we are out of cheeks to turn.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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