Perfecting My Craft

Blog 1276 – 03.08.2019

Perfecting My Craft

It is my strong opinion that we should get to make our living doing what we love to do and do best. For a variety of reasons that does not happen for many folks. One is that we are convinced by others to give up our dreams to help them achieve theirs. Many and not just women, subordinate their dream to make another rich, famous, and fulfilled. Such sacrifices are most always not only unappreciated but scorned and ridiculed by their receivers. Many a woman who gave up her dreams and a promising career to support her spouse in achieving his educational and career goals has been rewarded later by being traded-in on a newer perhaps younger, sportier model. Makes you think there may be some truth to the old adage, “No good deed goes unpunished” say “Amen” or “Ouch.”

Men do it too, though less frequently perhaps, this giving up goal of a dream job to pursue a relationship with another or help another in the pursuit of their dream. I do not believe that anyone ever sacrifices their dream but that they come to regret it at least a little. How wonderful when you can find someone whose dream is compatible with your own and when the two of you can each allow the other to pursue their own dream and both end up sharing the excitement and joy of each realizing his or her own dream.

Since I was a boy and especially since I was a teen I dreamed of one day making my living as a writer. In an early poem titled As My Life I wrote:

With pen in my hand,

And pad in my sight,

As my life I would wish,

Of beauty to write.

Of love, the adventure,

Of war and of peace,

As my life I would wish,

That the chance never cease.

To bring to one eye,

The beauties created,

The thoughts of men

So often debated.

To put before minds,

Thoughts seeming needed

Of warnings, advice

Most often not heeded.

Just life as I see it,

Most joy and some tears

As my life I would wish

To write all my years.

I expressed this desire over fifty years ago. I like many of us got distracted from my dream of supporting myself with my writing. I blame no one not even myself for I consciously or unconsciously chose every step of the way and I do not regret a one for I have loved, and I have learned and even the seeming losses were only investments that have already and continue to pay off in my life. If I had become a paid writer right out of high school, the military, or college I would have had far fewer experiences to write about and a much smaller treasure house to draw from. So I figure it has all been for the best and whatever time I have remaining I aim to become one of the most prolific and profitable writers there ever was.

With today over 1275 blogs, hundreds of poems, and well over two hundred recorded Mockingbird songs I am well on my way. I continue to concentrate on doing what I love and am good, and getting better at. And I trust that the Universe when the time is right will help me monetize my efforts. And before any wise acre remarks, “Don’t quit your day job” I haven’t yet and do not intend to in the near future but I will someday if only to pass out of this life to the next. But I hope, and hope is a wonderful thing, that I will be able to quit this day job someday and that by then I will have become such a accomplished writer and so popular that I can indeed make a living at it.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

What have you done lately that is a baby step toward your dream?

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