The Whole Bird

Blog 1262 – 02.22.2019

The Whole Bird

Bernie Sanders just announce a couple of days ago that he too is throwing his hat into the large ring of Democratic Presidential candidates. Bernie said he wants to continue the Progressive Revolution he began in the 2016 campaign. The Conservatives do not want that to happen, though some of them are not all that enamored with the incumbent and most likely 2020 Republican Presidential Candidate, current President Donald Trump.

Right wing, left wing, city versus rural, coasts versus fly over states, it reminds me of what I have said about several of the large companies that I have worked for with departmental and turf wars going on all the time: “Somebody ought to buy up all these different entities and merge them into one company.” Or in this case of party, political, and philosophical points of view – merge us into one country. We are one country even as those places I worked for were already one company. But, they and we sadly often do not act like it. The representative of the First People pictured has a great sentiment. Now we know the differing tribes did not always get along either but they respected one another and for the most part shared this great land without destroying one another nor the land for over a thousand years before the Europeans got here. Can we say as much for our less than five hundred year history in North America?

This noble experiment, these United States of America, has a relatively short history pocked by periods of terrible division and strife outbreaks, the Civil War, being the worst of them thus far. It is my hope that we can find common ground and core beliefs that will keep us together progressing. There are those who play up our differences and stoke our foolish fears of one another and would have us build walls instead of bridges, bigger armaments and armies instead of infrastructure or pursuing scientific exploration of the heavens for other places to extend our influence. One bird, the American Eagle, is our symbol and we best be reminded that it takes both wings, the whole bird to sore to new heights. Did we not once wish to extend this freedom, this noble experiment in liberty to the whole world and beyond? I think that was the plan and it was and still is a good one.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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