Set The World On Fire

Blog 1263 – 02.23.2019

Set The World On Fire

First off let me say I am not talking about burning it down but about lighting it up. As a boy I remember The Christopher Hour theme song was, “If everyone lit just one little candle what a bright world this would be.” But I am not talking about “Prayers and thoughts” though indeed that is where the true fire starts but it does require baby steps in the right direction on our part – legs to our prayers and best intentions. Instead of just “Prayers and Thoughts” how about we start a fire and change a few things.

I saw John Legend on the TV last night and he is such a wonderful singing artist and I just love his song, “We Can Start A Fire.” He, I am sure has started a fire in the hearts of many lovely ladies but even more than that he has championed several causes and lent them his support, using the megaphone of his singing success to keep important issues before the public.

And I know some conservative folk don’t think celebrities and artist should use their success in the arts and entertainment business to promote their progressive opinions but I disagree. Why not, other successful business people do, preachers do, teachers do , and civil leaders do (even conservatives have no problem when conservative actors and artists express views that they share. I happen to disagree with the Supreme Court decision that granted corporations the rights of an individual but I believe every individual has a right to their opinion regardless of their occupation and should and in fact I think has a duty to share their opinions and their knowledge on any issue important to the body politic.

I was a Boy Scout for a year, many years ago now, but I learned a lot in that year. One thing that I remember yet that has served me well is how to start a fire with only two matches. For several years now I have carried a Zippo Wind Proof lighter in my pocket everyday. I check it every day or two to make sure it has fuel and will light. I do not smoke, never have, and do not intend to start (No judgement on those who choose to). Friends and co-workers when they learn of this curious habit of mine ask me why. I reply, “Just in case I need to light a pretty lady’s cigarette.” When I was a boy in the nineteen-fifties most everyone smoked and especially all the pretty ladies in the movies. I have never cared for cigarette smoke, cigar and pipe tobacco smoke though does smell wonderful to me, but from a boy and even now seeing a pretty woman smoke is a thrilling sight to me, early programming I guess.

But the real reason I carry a lighter is more symbolic. I want to constantly remind myself that we all “carry fire.” Fire, unchecked, can cause a lot of damage and destruction, but fire can also signal, light, and warm. That is what I want to always do. I hope my words, my songs, my smile, and my deeds do that. I am after all the encouraging word guy. “We Can Start A Fire … Let It Burn.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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