The Sword In The Stone

Blog 1261 – 02.21.2019

The Sword In The Stone

The Arthur legend is one that fascinates many of us and has for most of our lives. The idea that there is something special about us, a destiny awaiting us, stirs our imagination. Did you ever wonder why that is? I have and let us look at that today together. A variation on a line that I heard some years ago came to me as I was writing a blog the other day. The original quote if I can recall it correctly was that we are made of stardust. I wrote something like we are forever spirits living for a while in bodies made of spent star dust. I enjoyed that little turn of phrase. It is the poet in me that ever longs to make not just plain but pretty the wonderful thoughts that come to me. From Where do they come and from Whom. All good and perfect gifts per Holy Writ come down from the father of lights in whom is no indecisiveness neither wavering. Not just music but language has power to soothe the savage beast.

When I saw today’s picture on the blog of an Australian friend whose blog I have been following for almost a year, I knew it would be a launching pad to write some of my own “free verse poetry.” My friend and brother Paul is an excellent poet and for some time has devoted his own blog to sharing his free verse masterpieces. I hope that he continues to do so. I sort of knew already but even more through his poetry I have come to appreciate that all well written words are poetry or apples of gold in fittings of silver, precious, but not beyond words, because words can and are meant to be beautiful.

Those ancient cave drawings were the first words, the first verses of man’s poetry. Words are but pictures with which we communicate our thoughts to one another and even to ourselves. I have a sneaking suspicion that even Holy Writ is but thoughts put to paper or parchment. If today’s man has trouble hearing the voice of God it is because he/she is not listening to the still small voice. And here is a clue for those who doubt, that voice sounds a lot like your own for indeed it is.

If that voice should lead you to pull a sword out of a stone or any other equally miraculous feat be sure to listen. You might just be taking the first step toward the ride, the adventure of a lifetime, you kings/queens, princes/princesses from every part of this big blue ball.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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