I Love Women

Blog 1256 – 02.06.2019

I Love Women

I always have and I always will. Many silly men think because a certain creation story, written by a man I might add, with man in the leading role and woman as almost an after thought, means that man is the height of creation. I think those silly guys get it completely wrong. Woman was and has always been the crowning jewel of creation. Without her beauty, compassion, and tenderness this world would indeed be a dark and dreary place full to overflowing with dirty men’s socks and unclean underwear. Or as the wise singing French man Maurice Chevalier sang, “Thank heaven for little girls for without them what would little boys do.”

The first woman that I remember loving in this life was my mother, Alene Florence Davidson White. She carried me inside her for nine months and told me more than once later that those were the happiest times in her life. She fainted several times in public, was very anemic, and sick most mornings but smiled through it all because she carried a precious little life inside of her other than her own. I saw a picture of a lady wearing a tee-shirt that said, “Milk is my Super Power” but woman’s true super power is the ability to create, gestate, and nurture life. Man plays but a small part in that process and woman has always had the starring role.

Burt Reynolds, who passed a few months ago made a movie, The Man Who Loved Women, in 1983. It was a remake of a French movie released in 1977 about a man who finally takes his obsession with women to a psychiatrist only to realize that she too is a woman. It is a comedic romp but one thing I recall is at the man in the story’s untimely funeral it is revealed that he did not just love women but than women truly loved him.

Once upon a time I found myself feeling very unloved and unwanted. I happened upon one of those men’s advice pieces, something like, how to get pretty women to love and want you. Yes, I thought at the time that it was crap too, but I read it and surprisingly learned a couple of things. One that women are attracted to self assured, clean, and well-groomed men. Women are often more in touch with their intuitive mind and in addition have a keener sense of smell and are turned off by dirty smelly guys who take no pride in their appearance. For sometime I said to myself several times a day a mantra that I wrote myself, “I am attractive to women and they find me fun to be with and easy to love” or something like that, much like that I still to this day start out my day looking in the mirror and saying to the image I see there, “I love you.” That may sound crazy to many of you, but trust me I have discovered the one person whose love means more to me than that of all the women in the world and it is my own. And the reason I love women and always will is that I see the very best that I could ever hope to be in them – their kindness, their tenderness, their wonderful way of seeing the very best in those they love are all things that men would be better for adopting as our own modus operandi or method of operation.

My zipper girls remind me first that sixty million French men could not be wrong with their Viva la difference philosophy about women. And lastly this month’s Marilyn calendar girl pose with the pink P.S. I Love You button that I added remind me that of all our loves the first one that makes all our other loves possible is to love ourselves. The other day in my Daily Mockingbird Song email I posted a fun song, “Follow Your Arrow Wherever It Points.” One of my favorite lines in that song says,

“Say what you feel

Love who you love

‘Cause you just get

So many trips ’round the sun

Yeah, you only

Only live once”

To which I always add, “Maybe” when I sing it.

Love who you love just be sure you love you first. God, the Universe, and everyone else will be glad you did for only then can you really love the rest of us too.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


Follow Your Arrow

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