Some People Seem To Get All The Luck And Most Of The Snow

Blog 1255 – 02.05.2019

Some People Seem To Get All The Luck And Most Of The Snow

It is no secret to anyone who knows me that I love snow. Any day there is snow, even flurries, it is like a personal holiday for me, even if I have to work. A friend in Wisconsin who knows my weather tastes always texts me Happy Birthday when it snows there or wherever I am. Another friend in Virginia sent me this recent picture taken out her back window. I am frankly a bit surprised at how little snow the Cheyenne, Wyoming area has gotten since I got here on the second of December. I have seen it snow a lot more here this time of year on previous work assignments to Wyoming and Colorado. And even though Ground Hog Phil did see his shadow on Saturday, which is suppose to mean a short winter and warmer temps soon, I hope my little buddy was wrong this time. If Wyoming does not get a lot of snow and soon instead of going from white to a lush bright green, if only for a few weeks, it will just go from brown to more brown.

I was privileged to see Baggs, Wyoming the second week of June after the snow melt a few years back and I could hardly recognized the place it was so green.

But then that was because they had a snowy winter with about 18 inches on the ground and more to come when I left my camper there for a further south and east work assignment in Hudson, Colorado. It was a slippery drive getting there but I would have never made it pulling the trailer if I could have even gotten it out of the trailer park. I hated to leave my trailer behind and I especially hated leaving all that beautiful snow. But, duty called and I answered.

I found this picture taken near the Snake River in Baggs to show you how lovely the snow was there. And so hard for this snow loving boy to leave behind. It did snow a time or two in Hudson but nothing to compare to what I left behind in Baggs.

The folks in Wisconsin where I was working this time last year have gotten a lot more snow than they did the two winters I worked there. I told my friend who at one point said that they had eighteen inches of snow on the ground, that I had only seen that much snow once but that I hoped to again and even more.

My winter time motto is: “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.” Happy skiing and shoveling to all of you lucky enough to have snow where you are.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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