Past Lives

Blog 1257 – 02.04.2019

Past Lives

It is a theme that fascinates me, as much as the possibility of time travel, this deep sense that I acquired after I freed myself from years of very narrow fundamentalist religious teaching that taught, “Just one life it will soon be passed and only what’s done for Christ shall last.” I find that statement silly today on many levels. First of all that The “Anointed One” Christ or Messiah whether you believe he has already come or is yet too, and is reported to have legions of angels to do his bidding could need help from you or me but more importantly I do not think any of us is expected to experience or do in a single lifetime all the wonderful things that there are to be experienced and to be done here.

I had my hair cut over the weekend by a lovely lady named Raquel. I asked her how she spelled her name and she said R-a-q-u-e-l. I said just like Raquel Welch and she said that was who she was named after. She also said that she told her mom thanks for giving her such a name to live up to and I told her that she had a lovely face and was doing just that just fine.

As she washed my hair before the haircut she was teasing one of the male hairstylist/cutters and telling another that she made more in an hour doing makeup than she did in a week doing hair. She asked me if I wanted her to do my make-up. I said, “No, thanks” but then added that I had worn clown make-up and in my youth performed in a few plays wearing make-up. She said she loved drama and had done some little theatre after getting out of school. We both agreed it is great fun to take on another life and then I shared my thoughts on the possibility that we have lived previous lives and that we might have more to come after this one. She said she was raised Protestant but that those thoughts had occurred to her too. Like those contented cows from the old canned milk commercials there just my be something to reincarnation. Pardon the pun but it is all in good fun.

I mean really it is no stranger or wilder than some of the notions that come out of the accepted religions of the world. I say and often that I am not trying to tell anyone what to think or to believe and I mean it. I am just sharing my slightly skewed view on life and love hoping to find encouraging, uplifting, thoughtful, and entertaining words to share. You are always free to agree or disagree or a little of both if you choose.

I am reminded of the black colleges commercial of the past that said, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” And this blog would be an incredible waste of time and space if I did not try to use my noodle and spark a response in a few other to considers a new thought of too. I am as guilty as the next guy of having “Hobby horse” thoughts, favorite subjects I like to return to.

Speaking of returns, if you get to come back, do a do over, and we have already established that I think you do, who and or what would you like to do your next go round? If it is your call, and I think it is, as you are the author, director, even to choosing all the supporting cast in you play. Imagine yourself stepping into any role you choose, what have you got to lose.

Even in this life we get to play many roles. Some of which are child, sibling, parent, student, teacher, and lover. Perhaps we are just understudies for another even bigger more demanding role. Perhaps the spirit that dwells in this body and has probably many in the past and perhaps will many more in the future is indeed the Spirit of God on vacation so to speak checking out the local cuisine and nightlife. One thing for sure that rascal really can sing and dance.

Do enjoy the ride on this wonderful Merry Go Round.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

In a past life I might have been your grandfather or mother. Who knows when or where I might have showed up in your family tree or you mine. I always thought we were related. Or maybe like the song from the movie The Nothings you and I might actually be our own grandpa. The lady in the first picture sure resembles her own great, great, great grandma. And the stylist Raquel certainly reminded me of the movie star she was named after. We are so connected all of us.

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