The Choice Is Yours

Blog 1251 – 01.31.2019

The Choice Is Yours

This life, contrary to what many of us have been taught to believe, is not just a test but meant to be a wonderful party all of the time for them that choose. To the truth of that statement any true party animal will testify. So party on, Dudes and Dudettes, or not. The choice is yours.

I could end this blog there and think that I got a much needed message across succinctly but that is seldom how it works for theencourgagingword guy or did for the budding preacher that I once thought myself to be. A favorite preacher quote I have used often and probably will again is the description of how to give a good sermon by a successful preacher many years ago: “First I tell them what I am going to tell them, then I tell them what I tell them, and then I tells them what I told them.” A perfect three point sermon outlined just as learned it at the Bible College I attended for three years as a young man last century.

That was probably not one of my better, more well thought out choices but I met a lot of interesting people and probably never would have made it to Texas but for that impulsive decision. Actually I am not so sure any of my more well thought out decisions have brought me any better results. Maybe worrying and delaying for fear of making the wrong choice is actually the worse choice one can make. Often times the leaders we pick are picked not for what they know as much as for their proven ability to make fast decisions and to deal with the consequences. Now, I know that many of my almost exclusively right brain using friends are shaking their heads at that statement as they poo pah more intuitive decision making but often the same choices are arrived at and more often “going with our gut” or as I prefer “listening to our higher best self or that still small voice” gives us a more desirable result. We always have a choice. The choice to blame it all on the weather, the other, the dog, the cat are all just excuses. I mean even if we just demolished our beloved ride, we are still the one who chose to drive it to that spot, at that speed, and at that precise moment. Therefore even an accident is but the culmination of a series of our own choices, and we cannot blame it all on that other idiot driver or that sign post or tree that jumped out in front of us.

Choose to be happy, to be upbeat, to be positive. Crazy Dave, I have spent a lifetime developing and perfecting this sarcastic shtick, it is too late to change my act now. No, it is not too late, perhaps it is just high time, but then you get to choose. And either way you cannot lose, only win or learn. One other option is to just kick the can down the road and delay the win or learn experience. Do not be afraid to make a choice. Rumor has it that we get plenty of do overs. Be mindful of every fork in the road but not so much that you are stuck indecisively with your life on hold. Party on Dudes and Dudettes. Like the fork in the road pic I just had to use that line again.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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