The Abundant Life

Blog 1252 – 02.01.2019

The Abundant Life

For over two thousand years people have be trying to figure out this relatively new religion, Christianity. Just what was the message Jesus intended to deliver from our heavenly parent, Father/Mother. I think too many have gotten hung up on the sacrifice. I do not think the old rugged cross is the symbol Jesus would have picked for his message. The church businessmen picked the cross over the fish, one of the first early Christian symbols, because that it fit better with their give, give, give to support the work of the church, the message, the great edifices that Ego Wanted built and maintained. Back in Bible College we had a name describing preachers who were always wanting to raise more money for the “building fund” to build bigger monuments, bigger houses for God. We said they had an “Edifice Complex.” Only a tremendous ego could convince others that the God of all the Universe, who is indeed all and in all, could need or even want a house, a tiny box to contain Him/Herself. Utter nonsense.

And back to that sacrifice thing, the Psalmist David had God saying, “I have no need of sacrifice, the sacrifices of God are a willing spirit and a contrite heart.” In plainer words, an eager to be corrected and enlightened heart and a spirit willing to be guided. There need be no crosses, buildings, or buildings with a crosses for that to happen. Crosses and buildings are not Love’s business but loving people is. All else is “monkey business” in comparison.

I believe the message that not just Jesus brought but many of the best message deliverers down through the history of our time on this planet is that we were always intended to experience the abundant life not its dregs or cold left overs. One of Ego’s first big lies was to convince man that that God wanted to keep something from him. From that the false idea of shortage, not enough to go around, many have been tempted to cheat, to steal, and to kill to be sure they get their share. Utter nonsense. There has always been more than enough to go around, to have all that we could ever need or want, and more than enough to share.

Who needs a billion dollars anyway? And how many have to be shorted so that one or several persons can feed their insatiable Ego demand of being a billionaire? The reason most people who have a lot of money never ever consider themselves rich is that to them rich means, “enough” and for Ego even a billion dollars is never enough. What is the abundant life but true riches, to love and to know the love of God, family, and friends as we love ourselves is all we need and the knowledge that there is no shortage but an endless supply. Here’s to the life abundant for you and for me, for everyone. “That you might know life and life abundantly.” in Jesus’ words. Put your crosses away, your sacrifices to Ego, and accept the gift of the abundant life that we were always meant to live.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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