Look Closely

Blog 1250 – 01.30.2019

Look Closely

A couple of days ago I received this wonderful note from the Universe:

“Note From The Universe

If you look closely enough, intent upon understanding those things that cause you great pain and consternation, David, ultimately, I promise you, you’ll find great joy and illumination.

Take the bait, 

The Universe

And if you look closer still, David, you’ll see all such things as proof of life’s infinite grace.”

“Eyes wide open” is a line I recall from a favorite love song. We all, not just me suffer, from eye problems namely looking in most cases barely at all on surface things and seeing what our minds have been programmed to see. We see what we are looking for little more. In the words of the funny but not really Hee Haw song, “If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all. Gloom, Despair, and Agony on me.” If we take the time to look beyond the obvious problems, pains, seemingly tremendous or paltry we we see clearly beyond them all a loving and abiding Creator working for our good in every situation. I have not always believed that either, but I have found it to be so.

I have, I admit, lead a rather “charmed” life but I have had my share of bumps in the road, heart aches, and losses too. Ego would back us in a corner and have us believe that we are the only one, the forgotten one, the used and abused one. We are not, but we are all tempted to believe that is true. We see other ships sailing while ours seems to be failing. We see others rejoice while our tear filled eyes grow moist. Look closer and we will find they have troubles too and we joys and triumphs more than a few. Good and bad times come to us all and we grow and we know that everything in this life is only temporary but the Love of God endures and is ever present just behind the scenes. To paraphrase a line from The Wizard of Oz, “Pay attention, look closely for that Hand behind the curtain.”

You friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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