Signs Of Spring Time

Blog 1249 – 01.29.2019

Signs Of Spring Time

“Hope springs eternal in the heart” is the saying. The above picture was taken recently in Houston, Texas by my wife, Linda. She knows that I love jonquils or daffodils. There are not yet such signs of coming spring in Northern Colorado, and Southeastern Wyoming where I am currently working and living. There is a line I love in one of my favorite movies, Legends Of The Fall, where older brother Alfred says to his younger brother Samuel’s bride-to-be, played by the loved and lovely, Julia Ormond, after she refers to their Montana as, “This Wonderful Gift.” Alfred says, “You might not think so, four months into a hard winter.” Yes, winter is longer often the longest of the four seasons in the frozen north land. But I love it. After a lifetime of long hot summers down South, an especially long hot summer, eleven months long, in South Vietnam, and over thirty five hot and humid summers in Houston, Texas, I have thoroughly enjoyed my last six winters in Wyoming/Colorado, Indiana two years, Wisconsin two years, and am enjoying this one back in Wyoming/Colorado. And in addition to those longer cooler winters I also had two jacket wearing summers, one in Kenai, Alaska and the other in Aberdeen, Scotland. I am feeling like a real Cool Cat, a legend in my own mind, but then aren’t we all of us men, Ladies?

It is said, “In spring a man’s fancy turns to thoughts of love (women fancy love too.) I am reminded of a TV commercial I heard and often as a boy for Salem cigarettes, “One puff and it’s Springtime.” Commercials were not then, nor are they now always true because people will say just about anything to get elected or sell something. But for love’s sake it ought to be Springtime all the the time. And no matter how cold, snowy, or windy it gets we can remember a lovely warm body and a beach or park and have Springtime in our souls, in our hearts, and in our minds, anytime we want.

Give a listen guys and gals and see if you can recall a similar situation, maybe not on a hidden beach under a golden sun where a lovely he or she spread a blanket that you lay down on, but wonderful, wonderful nonetheless. It is the stuff of sweet love and it is forever Springtime.

Marina Del Rey

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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