Perfect Love

Blog 1248 – 01.28.2019

Perfect Love

Even for those who think they know me best there is so much more to know. I believe that is true of all of us. The wonderful song lyric, “To know, know, know you, is to love, love, love you, and I do.” is so true. No one knows us, not even ourself, better than the Divine Higher Self does, that is why that love above all others is pure and incomparable. Perfect knowledge sees beyond all the inconsistencies, the seeming flaws, and perceived imperfections and sees like eyes of the ideal loving mother as she holds and beholds her “perfect” child. God isn’t it nice to be loved and to love like that. That is the kind of love that everyone and everything in the world needs now and always has.

The New Testament says, “Perfect love casts out fear.” Let us love fearlessly and perfectly as we are loved. Everything else when we boil it down is but a mistake or a misunderstanding of our true nature, origin, and destination. Let me be clear, having spent a lifetime figuring out Who, and Whose I am, Where I came from and Where I am going. The Who is “You Know Who” for we are all part of of God’s heart. The Whose, the same answer – God’s. And the Where I came from and am going to I will answer with a beloved phrase from another love song: “I wanna be where Love is.” You, me, we are all love children, conceived in love, retrieved in love, received in love. Our Identity, ownership, origin, and destination are all wrapped up in One. “In Him/Her will live, breath, move, and have our being.” That, my friends is my brief treatise on Perfect Love. Look long at anyone and you will see it, plain as the nose on yours or their face. The family resemblance is remarkable.

I am smiling thinking of the movie, “O, Brother Where Art Thou.” It is a fun George Clooney romp, sort of a Great Depression version of The Odyssey by Homer. Do give it a look and a listen if you have not. Here is just a taste, my Mockingbird version of a Soggy Mountain Boys song, Man Of Constant Sorrow from the movie and a slightly more positive Ho Boy song called Big Rock Candy Mountains. I hope you enjoy but even more that you watch the movie for your self and hear the original singers perform these two and several others great songs revealing too The Who, Who’s, Where From and Going To Of our story.

I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrows

Big Rock Candy Mountain

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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