The Circle Of Life

Blog 1247 – 01.27.2019

The Circle Of Life

My lovely wife, Linda, was up visiting me for a couple of weeks on my current work assignment near Cheyenne, Wyoming, the first part of January. We had the best time together and on one of our shopping outings we were in a Goodwill Store, always such reasonably priced bargains – one person’s junk, another’s treasure. I saw the stainless figurine above and just knew there was a blog in it so I bought it at a steal. I am amazed at what great art sometimes goes for these days.

Each of the arm clasped figures, though having no discernible facial features or hair, does have a similar deeply stamped heart in the center of their chests, where our hearts are actually located, (Don’t get me started on that rant about how from children were are taught lies and kept off balance – well as they say in the movie Clue “too late for that.”) I really like that deeply stamped heart in the middle of their chests touch. Real artists are not overly concerned with everyone getting the same “meaning” from their work and some like singer-songwriter Bob Dylan avoid questions about a particular message because they choose rather to let others interpret their work however they see fit, just hoping as many as possible will get “something” from their gifts.

My all-time favorite school teacher, Don Crane, was an art teacher and also a drama teacher. Three years with him in middle school awakened the artist and performer in me. When I met him I was an eleven years old shy, timid, and backward little boy afraid to raise my flag or my voice but I left him for high school a confident young man ready to take on the world and bend it to my will. How well I did and do that? You be the judge, but I know I am a writer, a poet, a speaker, and a singer at least in part because one man with an eye for art saw something in me and fanned that little spark and made it glow.

How I hope that in this great circle of life I am able to do the same for others. We are in this circle together. I cannot leave this piece without sharing again as I often have a poem about the Bigger Circle, the Universe, that keeps and contains us all.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Loving the best I can, my entire circle of friends,

David White

Keep Each Other Warm

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