Head In A Book

Blog 1246 – 01.26.2019

Head In A Book

I saw this picture and thought, “That would make a good blog.” In Disney’s Beauty And The Beast” Belle’s town folk sing derogatorily about her that she always has her head in a book. There is something quite attractive to me about people who have their heads in books (like the young lady above) or at least their heads full of books. There is so much to take in here, more do see and do than can ever be done. But that is more along the lines of tomorrow’s blog, The Circle Of Life. I enjoy these daily blogs even more than I hope my readers do for they are also to me like reading a book, I never know how they are going to end until I get to the end. I try to start each blog with an idea but I am at the mercy of my muse and am much as you, dear reader, just along for the ride. What fun rides I have had and I do hope it shows.

I have read many, many books though I confess I got off to a slow start with reading. As a boy growing up in the nineteen fifties, I was a child of television and spend many of my waking hours sitting in front of a glowing screen often from test pattern in the morning till test pattern at night. My parents like most parents then were otherwise occupied, and not at all like the helicopter parents of today. I had so much other input that I was slow to grasp all the deeper things that were available to me in books. I was almost through middle school before I actually read a whole book and that was the wonderful adventure story Ivanhoe while I was out of school sick a couple of days with tonsillitis. Comic book versions of best sellers was how I did my book reports or by remembering black and white movies of the classic stories that I had seen on TV. For that reason and others I still pay very close attention to movies and can usually with only one viewing recite most of the dialog, plot line, and name the cast of characters. I do love a good story, book, and movie both. And neither ever ruins the other for me for each has it’s advantages and both require the reader or watcher’s active imagination for the story to come to life.

Even in high school my reading was not much wider. I did take two years of Journalism and a Creative Writing Honors English Class and I suppose one of the reasons that I was drawn to poetry is that like Journalism most poetry is short and does not require a lot of reading. My reading life really open up for me in the military as I had lots of time on my hands and not so much access to television. I began to read and soon understood my mother’s almost insatiable appetite for books. Though she loved most to read the love and romance stories of Emilie Loring or Grace Livingston Hill and p read all them that my brother and I brought home from the Bookmobile for her several times, my mother was actually quite widely read though she never believed herself truly educated. But she was even though she had ended her formal education by dropping out of school in the tenth grade. My dad loved to read as well, but it was my mother who’s love of books was phenomenal. One of my dad’s favorite TV shows when I was a boy was a spy thriller called “I Lead Three Lives” based on the book by the same name. As I think of that title I realize that through books and movies I have lead many, many lives. I have come to believe it is very likely that we all have in truth.

And, yes, I have seen than theme played out in several books and movies. One of my favorites is Chances Are, starring a very young Robert Downey, Jr. (more well-known to younger people for his Marvel character, Ironman, in a series of movies) and a very lovely older than he, Sybil Shepherd. It is a fanciful comic romp of a movie similar to others like Heaven Can Wait, an earlier version of which was called Here Comes Mr. Jordan. How true and exact those representations of previous lives are I leave to you and to Shirley MacLaine to figure out but as for me I am just going with the flow and enjoying all this life has to offer me, and any thing from lives past or future lives, well that is just a bonus. For now I will keep my head in a book when I am not busy exploring this wonderful life, heart and mind opened and head, on.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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