Man Awake, 1245, Man Alive

Blog 1245 – 01.25.2019

Man Awake, 1245, Man Alive

These blogs certainly are adding up. It seems like only yesterday that I posted my first one. It was actually almost three years ago now and I have covered a lot of bases in my ongoing effort to encourage, entertain, and enlighten/brighten, hopefully at least challenging a few of those tired old thoughts and habits some of which we should have discarded long ago. I am not one for labels but if I had to choose one to describe myself or my slightly skewed view of things I would lean to progressive as opposed to conservative. As I wrote that line I remember the words of the First of Ten Intentions For A Better World that I try to live by. It states: “I refrain from opposing or harming anyone. I allow others to have their own experiences. I see life in all things and honor it as if it were my own. I support life.” I am more Pro Choice than Pro Life but I support life and see it in all things and honor it as if it were my own – for indeed it is. I believe that the Divine All In All is in each and all of us and that we are wonderfully connected in this thing called life.

The old joke is, “Death is nature’s way of telling us that we’ve got to slow down.” But there will be plenty time to rest when we are taking a “dirt nap.” And I think my big problem has always been “staying awake” more than getting enough rest. It just amazes me now how much I can get done most mornings between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m., the time I leave for work. Each morning I get my creative juices flowing usually even before the set clock goes off at 3 then write one or six sexy poems to my wife. I thought I could share them with others but that did not work out. Perhaps someday they will be read by a larger audience but I have yet to figure out how to make that happen without upsetting the multitudes. And really I do not want to offend anyone and my wife already knows what a “sick puppy” that I am and loves me because of it or in spite of it. I am not sure which, but I am sure that she loves me as I love her. Then after picking some sexy pictures to accompany my porn poetry I send them off on their way to my Mrs. most mornings I have already written before hand my offering for that morning’s daily blog at: But there is always some writing or re-writing necessary before I am happy enough with it to post it. Before I do I try to find an appropriate picture to accompany the blog being careful not to attach one of the erotic ones that I posted with my sexy poetry to my wife. I mistakenly did that once and found out either that I have a mostly open-minded fan base or a much smaller one than I had hoped. Either way, it is and has never been my intention to offend anyone so for now at least my sexy poetry fan base is just one very sexy lady. She does not believe that but it is true. Not a lot of erotic poetry commission requests. Ha, at least not yet.

After posting the blog I pick a Daily Mockinbird Song (one of my original cover songs that I love to sing and have recorded) to send out by email to a select group of friends. The list numbers in the low eighties and I am always looking to add email addresses to that list if any one is interested in hearing me make a joyful noise to a favorite instrumental background. I do not expect to get a call from The Voice, or Who’s Got Talent? But my body of work, it is fun for me really, continues to grow with over two hundred and fifty songs already to choose from and I just added another this week.

Sometimes I also post a link to the Daily Mockingbird Song on my blog but I always use the Daily Mockingbird Song email to share the title of the blog that day with a link to access it easily with one click, ever hoping to be more widely read.

I just woke up one morning almost three years ago and decided that my dream of being a writer needed only a baby step on my part to come true so I attended a two day writer’s seminar and started a blog. I have been writing daily ever since. Man alive, man awake. 1245 blogs so far, well on my way to 10,000 before I give up the ghost.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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