Somethings Are Well Worth Waiting For

Blog 1244 – 01.24.2019

Somethings Are Well Worth Waiting For

When I was nineteen and in the Republic of South Vietnam I wrote my little wife at the time a letter every day and invariably signed off each letter with P.F.O.B. which stood for Pray For Our Baby. We both had talked a lot before I left about having a son and I had chosen, Jonathan David, for his name. Before that long eleven month summer was over for me she had met another and as much as I hated admitting to myself that she no longer shared that prayer and dream with me it was even harder for me to let go of that dream. I married again at twenty-three and that three year marriage produced no children. At thirty I married yet a third time, this time to a lady with two boys, a thirteen year old and a six year old. I loved that woman and those boys. My third marriage lasted eight years. The last one we spent separated, waiting on the divorce to be final. Together we had had a precious little girl, Emily, and as hard as it was losing another wife and that time also two sons, seeing my little girl only every other weekend was one if not the hardest things that I have ever had to do in this life. At almost forty years old I married yet again, my lovely, loving, and lasting Linda Lee, was well worth waiting for. She ushered into this world my long awaited son, Jonathan David. To his name we added my father’s name “James” and her dad’s name “Wallace” making his moniker, Jonathan David James Wallace White. He is almost twenty-eight and for several years has gone by simply Jay. Too much name I guess but I am here to tell you that the over twenty year wait for him was well worth it too, and to have that long repeated prayer finally answered at last.

I was proud to be Emily’s dad and for at least seven years to get to be a dad to two fine boys, the eldest of whom has already passed, and Emily as well. I am equally proud to be the father of Jay and I hope that he lives long past me and has the most wonderful life imaginable. And I have quite an imagination and expect to continue this wonderful, wonderful life for some time myself. It is an equally wonderful life that I wish for all of you, wait for it, wait for it, and I mean one really worth waiting for.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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