Many Fine Folk Have Spent Time In Jail

Blog 1243 – 01.23.2019

Many Fine Folk Have Spent Time In Jail

In The Jail House Now

If you are one of the “lucky ones” who have avoided time in the pokey, you have my condolences. But do get off your high and mightier than thou high horse because the facts will prove out that many fine folks have spent and continue to spend time in jail. My short list is far from exhaustive but without doing any research I can name more than one for each of the five finger on my right hand.




The Apostles Peter and Paul

And Mary Queen Of Scots (I just could not resisted Peter, Paul, and Mary)

Granted people go to jail for many reasons, not just throwing doubles three times in a row, for you Monopoly fans. But, but I have often thought that we all might easily spent a day or night there or many in jail for something we have done or thought hard about doing. It is said that everyone in jail claims to be innocent. And that is in one sense true of all of us and that we are guilty too.

We are, each and every one of us, in the same boat or deserving of the same jail as the New Testament says, “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” By grace every jailbird is set free, to fly like a bird in a golden sky.

Jesus had more trouble with the pretenders than the Republicans, tax collectors, and whores. (And yes I know it is publicans but again I could not resist.) Relax, there are as many Democrats as Republicans in jail or that deserve to be there. Per the verse above we all do. But through grace and not education, nor even practiced best behavior, we get not what we deserve but a Get Out Of Jail Free Card.

Your friend, fellow freed jailbird,

And fellow traveler,

David White

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