Heroes Come In All Colors

Blog 1242 – 01.22.2019

Heroes Come In All Colors

Yesterday, many around the world celebrated an American dark knight hero, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He like Jesus and Gandhi preached nonviolent protest to change things and change things he did. I grew up in a very racially segregated south. Though a poor white boy myself the someday to become famous actor Samuel L. Jackson grew up in his grandmother’s house just a few blocks from where I did. I am sorry that I never got to meet him or play ball with him as a boy. I have very much enjoyed watching his career unfold and have enjoyed most if not all of his movie characters. I, just this past Friday, saw his latest movie release, Glass, where he reprises his role in the movie Unbreakable as arch villain, Mr. Glass.

Heroes and villains come in all colors, shapes, sizes, and genders. In every story someone has to play the villain and someone the hero. For too long in certain circles the heroes always had to be one gender, one race, and one body type, usually “tall, dark, and handsome” or some such silly notion but anyone can play the hero as indeed anyone can play the villain. I have been for a couple of weeks now watching a Netflix series called Lucifer, talk about your villains. But then we have seldom heard his side of it but in the series you do as does his psychiatrist. For a long time she thought he was talking in metaphors till he let her see his face as it truly appears. She was traumatized for a bit but finally came around and is back treating his daddy issues, persecution complex, and a whole host of other disorders. Who knew that even the devil could be a hero as well as a villain in his own story. In his case the devilish hero’s face is red.

I find it interesting that the biggest problem most people had with former President Obama was his color and many of those same people are willing to overlook at lot of things to have a President of a color they prefer. Even as a young boy growing up I knew that many of the people I knew then did not like Martin Luther King, Jr., what he said, or the change he stood for, and that they had first and foremost a big problem with his color. There was a wonderful line in a song about that time that said, “Color him father, color him love.” Love is the only color that we should see and it is rainbow of light and all the colors, each one being important to the mix.

I hope you had a wonderful Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Many of us are still hoping that one day his dream will come true and that everyone will be judged (I like the word, “accepted” better) the color of their skin and the content of their character. We have the finest character reference available even as Jesus, our brother did:

“This is my beloved child, hear ye him.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Here is a favorite quote from our other brother.

“I have decided to stick with love, hate is too great a burden to bear.”

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

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