My Kind Of Town, _________ Is

Blog 1241 – 01.21.2019

My Kind Of Town, _____________ Is

Every city has something for which it can claim some fame and there comes to mind a picture at just the mention of the town’s name. I have for over a month now been living in Cheyenne, Wyoming and it is a lovely town. I shared recently in a blog that just as Bergman and Bogie had Paris in the movie Casablanca that one of the greatest loves of my life, my wife Linda, and I, will always carry a treasured memory of our wonderful time in Santa Fe, New Mexico. One of my favorite songs is the Tony Bennett classic, I Left My Heart In San Francisco.

Here is my Mockingbird Version of the song.

Anytime I am allowed to sing more than three or four songs, karaoke or command performances, and no you are right I do not get many requests for concerts (I wonder why, I really don’t) still those that I do, I often conclude with, I Left My Heart In San Francisco.

But then there are a host of other songs with cities named in them that I love, New York, New York, and Amarillo By Morning being just two that immediately come to mind. I have been fortunate in my travels to have been in, if even briefly, many of these wonderful cities from Honolulu to Venice, New York to Los Angeles, Kenai, Alaska, to Corpus Christi, Texas. And they all have something to recommend them like Kansas City that is said to have some crazy little women there, so be sure to get you one, or New Orleans with the House Of The Rising Sun. It is a wonderful world of beautiful and exotic flowers blooming along every pathway.

The city that I was born in, this go round, Chattanooga, Tennessee, has far more to recommend it that The Chattanooga Shoeshine Boy or the train song, Pardon Me Boys Is That The Chattanooga Choo Choo with the line, Look out Chattanooga there you are. Oh, Chattanooga does have Lookout Mountain looming over it where a great Civil War battle was fought. Some still call it The War Between The States down there and both sides fought desperately over that high ground to control traffic on the Tennessee River. There is a wonderful view of the Moccasin Bend of the river from Point Park National Monument high atop Lookout Mountain and still some of the cannon are parked here and there that they drug up the steep terrain and fired down at their brothers.

Some tragedies and great missteps cities try to get passed like the great Chicago Fire, the San Francisco Earthquake, Galveston’s great unnamed Hurricane, and Selma, Alabama’s racial stand off and many, many others. Everyone has fond and not so fond memories of their home towns, towns where they vacationed, honeymooned, went to for college, served near in the military, took business trips to, or just passed through on their way elsewhere.

I was privileged to spend seven wonderful weeks in Aberdeen, Scotland some years back. And one of the locals that I worked with took me to see his home town of Arbroath, Scotland. Arbroath is a beautiful seaside town about 45 miles south of Aberdeen and is the largest town in the council area of Angus. It is world famous for its Smokies, smoked Haddock, that are quite a delicacy. I even have a blanket in the Smokie Tartan that smelled of smoke for the first couple of years having been purchased in one of the smoke house establishments. The ancient Abbey ruins are a sight to see. My friend, Harry Hudson, was proud to show off his home town as most all of us are.

Cities hold a special place in our hearts and our imaginations no less than farms and ranches passed down from generation to generation. They are holy ground made so by the lives that are lived there. The First People held some places more holy than others and the rest of us do as well. The saying goes, Dorothy, there is no place like home, whether that was where you were born, settled, or met the love of your life – where the sidewalk seems to kiss your feet on the street where you live.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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