We’ll Always Have Santa Fe

Blog 1237 – 01.15.2019

We’ll Always Have Santa Fe

Bogie and Bergman (or Rick and Lisa at least) might have always had Paris but my Linda and I will always have Santa Fe. My wife, like most romantically inclined women, and yes this guy too, dreams of getting to spend a romantic vacation in Paris someday, before our traveling days this lifetime are over. But I think we would both be hard pressed to pull off a more romantic and lovely time than we experienced together in Santa Fe, New Mexico several years ago.

I was on a work assignment in Hudson, Colorado and Linda had already driven up to see me when I was staying in Loveland, Colorado once during the assignment and since I was going to have a few days off work we decided to meet in the middle, the best place for a men and women to meet. Neither of us had ever been to Santa Fe, New Mexico and decided that we would meet there for several days R&R (Rest and Relaxation) or as the ole Rock and Roll song says for “Reeling and a Rocking.” For those of you who do not know already the term Rock and Roll originated from the old Rhythm and Blues term for “doing the deed” – rocking and rolling. How romantic, Popeye, as Olive Oil would say.

I asked Linda, who was planning to get there in the early afternoon while I was driving down after work and would not be there till after dark, to find us a nice motel, no chain, but something with class and character. She found the perfect little hide away and being early summer there were pots of flowers everywhere bursting with every bright color imaginable. We loved the place and like busy birds and bees did our share of pollinating while there.

And we still had time to eat out several times, see a movie at a movie theater, and drive through the hills surrounding Santa Fe – beautiful country. But all those “sweet interruptions” only made the love making all that more tender and intense. It was like the “honeymoon” we never had that had been put off till our son together was grown and in college.

I am these several years later still working away from home and we continue to get together most of the time but briefly to have a few tender moments and more tear-filled good-byes but it has become a sort of anthem that encourages us both to say, “We will always have Santa Fe.” And now you do too, my friends. I hope each and everyone of you has such a lovely memory of a special time spent with a loved one like an old love letter that you take out from time to time, re-read, and re-live over and over again a tender loving moment together.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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