Be Open For U-Turns And Detours Along The Way

Blog 1238 – 01.16.2019

Be Open For U-Turns And Detours Along The Way

My friend Mike Dooley warns that often we sabotage our best dreams and intentions by worrying our minds too much about the cursed who(s) and how(s). These two, according to him, are really above our pay grade and we should rather keep our thoughts on the why(s), what(s), when(s), and where(s) and leave the who(s) and how(s) to the great Universe who is more than willing to provide us everything we desire if we give Her/Him the time and leeway, often even when we do not.

In keeping with that theme, today’s piece is about staying open for the U-Turns and Detours that the Universe sends along our journey not to interrupt us or distract us but to get us back and keep us on track for the wonderful life that He/She always has had in store for us. One day last week I left work a few minutes early to avoid eating the dust of the crowd of folks exiting the plant down the four mile gravel road to the paved county road that leads to my little home on wheels. I made it to the end of the gravel road and realized that I had forgotten my back pack so I had to turn around and not only drive back through the cloud of dust that I had created but would inevitably be behind all the exiting traffic as usual. I was giving myself “what for” about it when I made it back to the paved road and as I turned on to it I beheld one of the most beautiful sunset that I have ever seen. A bit embarrassed I said a little prayer to the Universe, “Thank you for the U-Turn, Detour, Perfect Timing, and the Beauty that I would have missed without you tweaking the program to my benefit.”

We used to sing a little song when I was a boy that went:

“God’s way is best if human wisdom

A fairer way may seem to show

Tis is only that our earth dimmed vision

The truth can never clearly know.

God’s way is best I will not murmur

Although the end I may not see

Where e’er He leads I’ll meekly follow

God’s way is best, is best for me.”

And to my atheist friends, your Higher Self, is that self-same Higher Power, that is ever working things out for you too. “Don’t worry, Baby, everything will turn out alright.” Give those unexpected U-turns and Detours a chance and be sure that things have a way of working out way better than the best plans we can come up with and try to make happen by our own devices.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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