What We Get…

Blog 1218 – 12.27.2018

What We Get…

On the last of my four days off work for Christmas I received a most special gift. I got two beautiful pics of it to share. I love snow in all its wondrous and unique forms. Snow to me is like the Universe’s love gift to me, like manna from Heaven it feeds my soul and stirs my heart. As I left my little trailer about mid-day the last snow had almost melted completely away. We had no White Christmas in Cheyenne, Wyoming, that in itself a rarity. But with the sun shining I saw great gobs of snow falling so I looked up, always an important thing to do, and saw the tree limbs flocked with snow. I just knew that I would have to share these pics in a post to all of you.

Someone recently said, “We have to just accept what we get.” And the skewed view spin master inside me just had to reply, “And, yes, what we get is wonderful if we just train our eyes to look for it.” But after a lifetime of living on the dark side of life and always looking for trouble how do we train our eyes to see the good in everyone and everything, the great gift in every day? It is not so hard as one might think, it just requires us to do a little re-thinking or right thinking.

Ole Murphy wrote a law many of us believe to be true. It goes something like, “If anything can go wrong it will go wrong at and in the most inopportune time and way.” A co-worker of mine likes to say, “Chaos creates cash – the more messed up things are, the more they need us.” My point exactly, learning to see the gift in the seemingly most messed up of situations and even people. Isn’t that what attracts us and motivates us most this desire to “fix things.” The badder, the more messed up, the bigger the challenge.

Some years ago I saw a book, quite popular at the time, called, “Women Who Love Men Who Hate Women.” Pretty messed up, I thought, but isn’t that true at least to some degree in all of us, we deep down believe the great love in us has the power to transform and it does but to truly work we must let it work it’s magic on us first.

I have quoted and probably too often for some of you what is probably my favorite Bible verse where Jesus delivers the one law (three in one actually) that supersedes, fulfills them all, “Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. And love your neighbor as you love yourself.” Ego and well meaning but mistaken friends and family tell us that it is wrong, narcissistic, and even evil to love ourselves but Jesus and I say it is not. It is in fact truly the first and most important step to loving God, others, and everything for we can only love them or anything with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength when we first allow ourselves to love ourselves that way.

And is not nearly so hard as we might think. We have only to let go our guilt, shame, and loathing that are all based on Ego’s biggest lie – that we are less than, not whole or holy, and unworthy of love. Bull slip, for we are Love personified just as Jesus was so are we in this world, children born of love to bring love to everything we see and touch. Do look in the mirror and love that reflection of pure love you see staring back at you.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

“Love is all around me. It’s everywhere I go. Come on and let it show.” Let it snow. let it snow. Let it snow.

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