Baby, The Wind Must Blowm

Blog 1219 – 12.28.2018

Baby, The Wind Must Blow

But when it does this time of the year in south eastern Wyoming and north eastern Colorado, Baby, you feel it to the bone. The expression, “Baby, it’s cold outside” garners snide remarks from many like, “No, slip, Sherlock.” Isn’t it kind of me to use substitute words not to offend certain sensitive souls. S_it happens and trying to call it by a “nicer” sounding name will not make it smell any sweeter. Nor will trying to pretend it is not cold outside when it definitely is, keep you from getting frost bite.

Knowing how to dress for the cold and for life is an important and often critical skill to learn. Well, maybe not if, like Van Gogh, you choose to live in Tahiti where the native boys and girls wear but fig leaves if even that. But for those of us who prefer four seasons, clothing is often not optional, at least out of doors. Even pretty presents are often enhanced by pretty wrappings and bows.

The memory of torn wrapping paper and discarded bows is still fresh this close after Christmas but if we must venture outside in the wind and cold we should not forget to don the appropriate winter attire. Even Santa after all does not wear that sharp red suit just to make a fashion statement.

So in the words of a famous winter song, “Button up your overcoat when the wind blows cold. Take good care of yourself. You belong to me.” Happy New Year, brothers and sisters. We are one. Love bless us all.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Dressed for the weather,

David White

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