Happy Kwanzaa And Boxing Day

Blog 1217 – 12.26.2018

Happy Kwanzaa And Boxing Day

It is rare that I ever have the first day of Kwanzaa and Boxing Day off work. But the Universe has allowed it to be so this year. The new work assignment that I began the first week of December will required me to work seven days a week with but two Sundays off per month after two more holidays next week, New Years Eve and New Years Day. Therefore, I am really going to enjoy this extra day off today. I plan after posting this blog and a Mockingbird song to really R&R (Rest and Relax) this day away.

Today is the first day of Kwanzaa a holiday began in 1966 to celebrate black history, power, and to promote the restoring and building up of black community. Some Christian white folk and others see Kwanzaa as a threat. I do not. I read some years ago that in building the Freeway system, envisioned and proposed by President Eisenhower after seeing the success of Hitler’s Autobahn first hand, that many city leader used the Freeway routes through inner cities to further divide and destroy communities of color. I am not much of a conspiracy theorist but that there has long been a conspiracy to enslave and keep other people down by a select rich and powerful few is no stretch of the imagination. I celebrate the power of the human spirit to be free and rise to its full potential far and above any one color, creed, or sexual orientation.

Those who would divide us and keep us warring among ourselves for their own position, power, and profit will also one day awake to the truth that we are One but till they do we all of us “marginalized people” must stand together to throw off the their shackles, ignorance, and our own. The very idea of “reverse discrimination” sticks in my craw as if people of color, women, the poor calling out for their fair share and place at the table could be compared to the centuries of cruel rule by a favored class. Democracy has always been a threat to the one percent and only the least potent forms of it allowed to flourish for long before being checked and limited by the Special Interest few.

Wow, are we getting Political today, Crazy Dave? I am often accused of being too religious in these blogs, or too sexual – religion, sex, and politics being three of the most taboo and argumentative subjects. I suppose sports is the fourth. But we need to talk some of the nonsense out of our thinking. Religion, sex, politics, and sports are too important a part of all of our lives to let our opinions on them be dictated to us by a few. We each get to choose what we think and believe but should carefully weigh those opinions and beliefs, and often, being ever ready to change our minds if the evidence indicates.

I am only the decider for myself. Do not let anyone else, me included, decide for you. The subjects of religion, sex, politics, what team or teams you choose to cheer for are far too important to leave them to the sellers, brand makers, and slave makers.

I quoted a favorite Bible verse yesterday and repeat it here, “After having become free do not allow anyone or anything to make you a slave again.”

I respect and honor all who would be free and stay that way. And so I say, “Happy first day of Kwanzaa, and Happy Boxing Day.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

One thought on “Happy Kwanzaa And Boxing Day

  1. Great post David, and yes!
    I once went to a dinner party where we were formally forbidden to bring up sex, politics and religion. I quipped that I’d be mute for the night. But alas, I cannot be mute … 🙂


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