The Long Awaited Day

Blog 1216 – 12.25.2018

The Long Awaited Day

The report is the Big Guy is resting after a long road trip and a tiring night of stuffing stockings and sliding up and down chimneys. Sounds smutty and a bit sexy. But then along with It’s A Wonderful Life I also watched the uncut version of Bad Santa on Christmas Eve, a definite new wrinkle on the standard Santa story. It had been several years since I watched it and I noted that the the actress who plays Papa in the movie The Shack and so many nice ladies lately plays a woman of the night in Bad Santa. Well it just goes to show that not only Jesus and I love harlots but that Santa does too.

Before my Christian friends get all up in arms about my accusing Jesus and Santa of loving “bad girls” let me remind you that at least three of Jesus grandmas were “working girls” – Rahab, the harlot of Jericho that helped the spies and for a reward was herself and her family spared; Ruth, the former Moabite temple prostitute who married Naomi’s son, was widowed and followed her mother-in-law back home to Israel and used her skills to win David’s grandpa becoming David’s grandma and a great, great, great grandma of Jesus on his mother’s side; and then there was Tamar who played the whore to make Judah fulfill his promise to give her a child after two of his sons had left her a childless widow. That Bible has some sexy stories that would be rated M for mature audiences only if they made movies of them.

So it seems not just Jesus, Santa, and I love Ho, Ho, Ho’s. I joke with my work mates that we are all whores because we work our bodies for money. Lighten up, it is Christmas, the long awaited day after more that a hundred and one Arabian nights, three hundred and sixty-five to be exact. Oh, and Jesus and Santa love Muslims too. Only ole Ego, the accuser of the brethren, that is what the word “Satan” means, would have us hate any of our brothers and sisters who do not look like us, pray like us, us or love like us. I think that covers all the bases – color, creed, and sexual orientation. The preachers and politicians loves to make us afraid of our brothers and not for just causes but to take our money and to get power over us. I love especially one of the great lines in the Bible – “after becoming free do not let anyone make you a prisoner again.” The poet has said, “Iron bars and gray walls do not a prison make.” And the comic in me replies, “But they sure come close.” My funning aside the only real prison for any of us is a mind trapped by lies, lies on our brothers, and lies on our Father and Mother.

I will name but three, you guess the rest.

Brothers: “All are not brothers, you cannot trust those “others.”

Father: “He does not really care about us and orchestrates a lot of “bad” stuff that happens to us.”

Mother: “ We can continue to trash Mother Earth and she will always clean up after us and we will never have to pay the consequences for our filth and neglect, mother’s love will always cover for us.

Wow, I did not know I was headed there and on Christmas morning but that is the way of love. Love anyone or anything even whores and it is all the same, you cannot help but end up loving God, yourself, and everyone for we are all truly One.

The long awaited day is like that too. There is only one day, today, the present.

I hope you enjoy your Christmas gift. It was created especially for you, for me, for all of us, by the One who knows and loves us best.

The Gift

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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