Some People Actually Still Do Read

Blog 1205 – 12-14-2018

Some People Actually Still Do Read

First of all let me say if you have never learned to read or have some disability that prevents you from reading that this piece is in no way meant as a slam against you. Or to anyone else really – discouraging, judging, or condemning words are never my intention – just the encouraging ones. There are already too many people, ready, willing, and able to criticize, judge, and condemn, usually things in others that we ourselves the are most guilty of.

I write because I hope that what I write is worthy of being read and will serve some greater purpose if not today, someday. Someday when for whatever reason someone decides to read this piece, I hope it meets a need, touches a heart and a mind, and makes it want to read more.

There have never been more writers in the world than there are today, all vying for attention, wanting to be read. That is the true prize for a writer, not a big book deal, fame, or fortune. One could get all that with a single successful business idea like building a better mousetrap. But to find just the right words to open up a mind to all the wonderful possibilities within now that is a noble goal.

Sometimes in the most unlikely place or from the most unlikely source one might read a single line that if applied might change the whole course of their life and turn their world on its ear. Such was a line I read barely ten years ago, “I let go so there is room for something better to come it.”

What should I let go, you might ask. Why, what you are holding on to the hardest. I have seen a bumper sticker as probably most of us have that reads, “They will get my gun when they pry it from my cold dead hand.” As you wish, gun lover, but there are some other things you might rather hold in your hand, a loving companion, a child, a grandchild, a friend. Holding a gun will get you none of those nor keep them.

Keep you gun if you like but safely put away and don’t hold on to it so tight you lose sight of all the other possible hand holdings today and ahead.

Just a few, I hope, encouraging words for all to consider, all who read this, at least.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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