Not All Sunshine And Roses Perhaps

Blog 1204 – 12-13-2018

Not All Sunshine And Roses Perhaps

Everything that happens does not bring a smile at least not immediately. I do have sneaking suspicion that before this adventure is over we will be able to make such sweet sense of even our seeming missteps, and mishaps that we will smile at the big picture. However when we are in the trenches and not experiencing one of those rare but glorious mountain top experiences we often just need to tie a knot and hang on to the seeming end of the rope.

There is a line in the wonderful book and movie, The Shack, where Papa, the representation of God says, “I do not cause tragic things to happen but I am ever working everything in your life for good – your problem Mack is that you do not believe that I am good – I Am.”

For the twenty or so years that I tried very hard to be an Atheist, I had the same misunderstanding about God expressed as, “How could a good God allow evil things to happen to His/Her children.” But then I was raised in a dualist western belief system where everything had to be label either good or bad, right our wrong. Sometime in my trek through the atheist jungle I happened upon some Taoist teaching in a book recommended to me by my dearly departed daughter called The Tao According To Pooh. In this wonderful little book I saw a different way of seeing the world, the Universe, not as good or bad but as both, the whole enchilada, sometimes spicy, sometimes mild but I think I’ll stick around a while.

Many of you have bought into the notion that this is an evil and a dangerous place. Only the mind of man makes it so. Some of you just can’t wait to get out of here to lounge eternally on a cloud. Not me for I have found heaven in my heart and see it everywhere and in everyone, in me, in you, my heavenly friend.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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