Speak Up, You Are Coming In, Loud and Clear

Blog 1203 – 12-12-2018

Speak Up, You Are Coming In, Loud And Clear

We, all of us, have something worth while to share and share it somehow we will. Some draw, some sing, some dance, but we all find our own way to get our message across, to share what we find meaningful in these lives. My medium is words, written, sung, and spoken, my wife’s is photographs. She has taught me the importance of slowing down to see all the beauty around us. Too often in a hurry I have failed to appreciate the incredible loveliness of this life that can be captured and shared with others in photographs.

Part of the popularity of Social Media is our hunger to share pictures of our life experience with others and to make a connection. Someone told me just yesterday that Facebook was designed to feed into our desire to feel connected in a world that often seems torn apart by warring differences. As the old song says it is my intention to study war no more but to walk and to talk peace, sharing my words, sharing my songs.

I started out almost four years ago with this blog hoping to build a platform, a readership, with the goal of publishing a book about my beloved dearly departed daughter, Emily Elaine White. I have already put it out there at least twice in episodes of this blog if anyone should care to read it. The book is called, “Emily, The Little Girl Who Sang Her Song To Anyone Who cane Along.” And she was many things but especially that. I have no illusions of being a great writer. Perhaps I will become one someday, perhaps not. But I have found that I have a lot more to share than one book could ever contain, even more about my dear daughter and all who have touched my life and whose lives I hope that I have touched in some small way as well.

Don’t be shy, share what you have with those you love. They will be glad you did and you that you did not let anything keep you from sharing your truth. This adventure even for those of us intending to linger here more than a century, if possible, is still brief and real opportunities to share fewer than we might think. Don’t miss a one. Speak up. What was that you say?

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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