This Masquerade

Blog 1202 – 12-11-2018

This Masquerade

This Masquerade

In yesterday’s blog I invented a new disease, I called it Amnesia Identity Disorder. Probably not the greatest of acronyms sense AIDS is already taken. I already wrote that I think man has caused a lot of trouble naming things. Two problems with naming things are, one that it gives some things legitimacy that we probably should not and second that a name can limit and make us think less of things we should realize are bigger than any name and far more than any label.

Along the lines of searching for our true identity is another problem, that of pretending we or someone else is something we or they are not. Masquerade parties can be fun but only for a time. It is customary to have an unmasking before the party is over. Some however only take off one mask to find there is another and then another beneath that one ad nauseum. (I have been wanting to use that Latin phrase since I saw the movie, Gifted.)

I love the Carpenter song that I have attached my Mockingbird version of above, especially the lines: “We tried to start it over but the words got in the way. We’re lost inside this lonely game we played. Lost in a Masquerade.”

The thing about thinking you are lost is that it discounts The Hound Of Heaven (I love that expression too). One can never truly be lost when such a Search Party is in hot pursuit. Nor can anything be truly hidden for all things will eventually will come to light. That is the big problem with secrets, they do not remain secret very long, and the real problem with masks is they hide nothing for very long.

We each of us have a gift of discernment and can see through all manner of disguise, misdirection, and camouflage. What is true has a certain ring to it and true motivations will come to the fore. The question the heart always asks is, “What do you want with me?” And that question will be answered as it was for the man inhabited by a legion of demons in the Gospels. The demons inside the man asked Jesus, “What do you want with us?” I happen to believe that nothing outside of God, the Universe, is real. Jesus did not speak to those aberrations (I like to call them “abhorations”) except to give them permission to go out of the man into a herd of swine. But Jesus did speak to the man and said what Love always answers to the question, “What do you want with me?” And whatever words happen to be chosen, the gist is always this – “I wanna love you like nobody’s loved you come rain or come shine.” Now those, my friends, are some encouraging words, whether brother Jesus utters them to you or any other brother or sister, or God, Her, Himself. And we are all that to one another for there is but One and He/She/We are it. Take off that mask and show yourself.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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