Looking For One Good Girl Or Guy

Blog 1201 – 12-10-2018

Looking For One Good Girl Or Guy

I have a lot of respect for the military and the police and honor their courage, commitment, and service. In the line of duty they are often called upon to use force but there are usually detailed rules and training as to how, when, and just how much force should be used in a given circumstance. These heroes like us civilians are still people with passions, prejudices, and opinions but their training is designed or should be to minimize their exercise of those three elements while carrying out their assigned duties.

For all the niceties like “To Protect And Serve” the most time intensive role of soldiers and police officers is to enforce the law. I am neither a policeman nor a soldier any longer. I believe it is my job not to enforce the law but to encourage love. Not to take anything away from the role of the police and the military but if I and others who are about this love encouraging mission are trying to accomplish what the police and military never can with force. You cannot make anyone love you, it is said but ole skewed view guy, Dave, sees it from another angle. How can a child of love help but be loved and love unless they are mistaken about their identity. It is a constant theme with me – the importance of finding out Who and Whose we really are.

The military and police were created because so many people do not know Who and Whose they are and so they act out violent and destructive behaviors and must be restrained. This is not what we came here to do. We were made to be loved and to love and I believe that if we do not feel loved or feel like loving it is because we have a blockage, a serious case of amnesia identity disorder. Look at me, like a doctor, making up names for diseases. Some believe, as do I, that each of these life adventures is just that, a journey of self discovery. We begin each life with a clean slate, a wiped memory as it were, and are soon looking for clues as to Who and Whose we truly are. The reason it takes some of us so long to find ourselves, perhaps more than a lifetime, is that we are looking without instead of within. Think about it even what we seek and hope to find in a significant other is only what we hope to find and love in our selves.

Happy hunting and remember try not to treat everyone as if you were a soldier or a policeman out to keep the “bad guys” in line. We are here, one good guy or girl to find, ourself.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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