A Day Of Rest

Blog 1200 – 12-09.2018

A Day Of Rest

The story goes that the hard working Creator after six days of incredible production decided to rest from His/Her labors and took the seventh day off.

I have a more than sneaking suspicion that Moses frustrated with labor complains from the recently freed former slave brick makers figured before they unionized and announced work stoppages for shorter hours and better pay that he had better throw them a bone. And and I know that many conservative Christians believe The Book (sixty-six actually with Moses purported to have composed the first five) is inspired and literally true. Well, it takes a lot more unquestioning faith than I have to swallow that one anymore. I really do not think they have read it that thoroughly or perhaps only the King James Version that with all that poetry and antiquated language further obscures its many inconsistencies and errors. Blasphemy – some would burn me at the stake if we did not have laws against such things, for questioning The Word Of God. Give me a break. Well, that gets me off my rant against worshiping or banning books and back on point.

Whatever the reason or inspiration, taking at least one day off a week was and still is a pretty good idea, I think. And, no, it does not have to be Saturday or Sunday, though many like having them both off, Saturday to play hard and still a day to rest up or recover from that one. The Sabbath, Saturday, that Moses, or excuse me God if you rather introduced was strictly a Jewish holiday, holy day, which the Christians changed to Sunday and called it The Lord’s Day because of the reports that Jesus rose from the grave on that day. A story told for over two thousand years and believed literally by millions seems far less incredible than more recent religions like Mormonism, Scientology, or The Big Bang Theory. And I confess I find Shelton and the gang the most entertaining but let’s see how the Big Bang Theory holds up in two thousand years, that is if we do not choke or cook ourselves first by our abuses of Mother Earth. The old adage about not pooping where you eat ought to be reminder enough but sadly another one always seems to Trump it (pun intended) “that one would sell his mother for a buck.” When will we ever learn?

Perhaps if we really took a day off, went for a walk in the woods, spent some time with our Mother. Maybe then we would find a new appreciation for this place, for ourselves, others and decide to use some of that work week for more than just making a buck and building more stuff but also for cleaning up the messes we have made. I know you may think me a tree hugger. Try it, did you know they are actually a bit warmer to the touch in winter? They are alive though sleeping and if they were not busy most of the time doing their job of cleaning the air (those not evergreen do take a little R &R each winter) we would not be alive long. So take a break, a day off, hug a tree, hug your family, and get some rest today if you can.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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