From My Bag Of Tricks

Blog 1199 – 12-08-2018

From My Bag Of Tricks

Did you ever seriously consider how much of what we believe to be true is not in fact. It is good from time to time to check the accuracy of our thinking and the words we use. I was sharing with a fellow the other day a story that I had heard about Walt Disney being quite proud of a Dishonorable Discharge from the military that he had received and proudly displayed it on his office wall. Another friend hearing our conversation checked out the story on Snopes, the on-line service for checking out urban legends and misinformation and found my story to be untrue.

It always stings a little to be proven wrong but at the same time it fits with one of my prime intentions of letting go beliefs that are no longer serving me. I never mean to intentionally serve anything that is untrue so I gladly let this story go. It never made me think less of Walt Disney, myself having received an Honorable Discharge. Walt tried hard to serve in the military in World War I but was rejected. Undaunted he did serve as an ambulance driver for several years in that conflict and honored veterans throughout his life.

None of us ever has all the facts or always gets them straight when we have some of them. And this idea of “Absolute Truth” has tripped us all up at one time or another. As important as it may seem to always be in the right or be right it is far more important to be kind and open to new and better information. I am, as you might well guess, a big talker. We talkers sometimes get too busy talking to listen even to what we are saying so set on pulling another thought from our bag of tricks to keep the conversation going. The best way to not be tricked is to listen with an open mind and heart to all you hear. Here is a big word, discernment (look it up), we all have it in some measure but it gets stronger the more we take the time to really listen. The truth has an unmistakable ring to it if we allow ourselves to hear it over all the noise.

Your friend and fellow traveler,


David White

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