The Last Time I Saw Her Face

Blog 1195 – 12.04.2018

The Last Time I Saw Her Face

The first time I heard this hauntingly beautiful song sung but Glen Campbell some years ago I knew it would always be a favorite of mine. I have sung it with him so many times and do it again here for you.

The Last Time I Saw Her Face

Though I have never met him face to face, my Australian friend Paul Vincent Cannon, I am a fan of his wonderful free verse poetry. His poems are short and overflow with tasteful erotic passion describing encounters with lovely women. It is women who inspire poetry in men and bring out the worse and the best in us. I, too, like my brother Paul, am a poet and lover of everyone and everything, especially women. Unlike him though my poetry is the rhyming kind and most often unsuitable for children, the faint of heart and those who judge everything “good-nice” or “bad-evil.” As I read the creation garden story, and you may not see it exactly as I do, many don’t, the Creator never meant for the man and woman to have the knowledge of good and of evil for God saw everything as Good, even saying so pointedly as I recall. Just add an extra “o” to God and you get Good. Or as the spot on song, What A Wonderful World says, “The bright blessed day and the dark sacred night.” It is all good.

Here is my Mockingbird link to that song too, a double blessing today or a double curse if you are not a Mockingbird fan:

What A Wonderful World

My taste in women has always run to the hot and slutty “bad girls. I think most if not all men will agree and that even many “good girls” find “bad boys more attractive and interesting. I certainly proved that out in my young life, at least anecdotally, by being the proverbial nice guy who finished last and saw many of the girls that I chose, choose other “not so nice boys.” Enough with the quotation marks, but I intended them to highlight what I see as a problem – our dualism, Good vs. Evil (I happen to like my good verses evil), light opposing darkness, right verses wrong (and that is always a judgement call above our pay grade and the big Guy/Girl already said “All Good.” Sorry, no more quotation marks for this piece. I have exceeded my quota.

Silly really, setting limits on quotation marks or our experience of this life by saying don’t do that, or don’t go there, or don’t participate in that, or don’t love that person for they are bad and do do this, or do go there, or do participate in this, or do love this person because they are good. Just so much “do do” to me. Again with the quotation marks.

I wear on a ring a Ying Yang symbol on my left hand and even have one tattooed on the right side of my chest. See, left and right I have them both covered for both are good, not right or wrong for all you rabid right wingers and seething socialist lefties. We desperately need, I think more middle men and women who can see and appreciate the view from all sides.

A young man seeing my ring remarked I see you are wearing the international 69 symbol. I started to educate him in the meaning of the ancient symbol meaning wholeness and inclusiveness – even the white has a trace of black and the black a trace of white – it is all good, but then I thought, Crazy Dave, so is 69. In a little less than a year, if I live, and I expect to, maybe even thirty or more years this go round, I will be 69 and I am pretty sure my taste in women will still run to the hot and slutty, that Ying Yang will still be my world view, and that I will still be writing sexy poems, will still be looking for a platform to market them to persons whose taste run in the same vein, and will still think that 69 is good. It Is All Good.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Affectionately also known as “Sexy.”

David White

Disclaimer: I had a lot of fun with this and did not intend to offend anyone on purpose but being real sometimes it just happens. Judge not lest you be judged.

It’s all good.

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