The Apprentice

Blog 1194 – 12.03.2018

The Forever Young Apprentice

Over thirty five years ago now when I had my first out of town inspection gig I knew it was something I loved to do – travel, see new places, and meet new people and get paid well for it. I think I knew then that when my children were grown I would enjoy a life on the road. I have been now six and half years on the road and in that time have worked in Michigan, Alaska, Wyoming, Colorado (I will be seeing even more of the last two for some months to come). I have also worked in Virginia, Indiana, Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Minnesota during that time and many other places on other assignments before the last six years. Except for Indiana and Wisconsin all the other assignments that I listed above were of short duration. Work traveling is the best way, unless one is set financial or has a steady retirement income to really get to know a places and their people, and working there for more than a few days.

No one can really teach you to love a place like someone who has lived there a while. I have been fortunate in my travels to meet many such people. People who love where they are and want to show it off to you and if they can make you love it as much as they do and want to stay and never want to leave.

I have with me this trip as I have on most of those listed above my trusty travel trailer that I like to refer to as My Little House On Wheels On The Prairie. I bought her used on my first Wyoming work assignment and lived in her there for about five months in Baggs, Wyoming. She is a little worse for travel and wear(aren’t we all, no, just better) but has served me well but I may just trade her in before this assignment ends for a newer or at least a refurbished model about the same size.

It has always been my policy to never be away from home because I think we take, like I my travel trailer, home with us wherever we go. Oh, my first times away from family, friends, and familiar places as a young soldier serving in Kentucky, Georgia, South Vietnam, and North Carolina really tugged at my heart and the lines from a sad Bobby Vinton song: “Lonely, I feel so lonely, don’t have no body to call my own. I’m just a soldier away from home” we’re for most of my life my theme song.

But somewhere along the way in all my travels through this life, I learned a precious secret – the place I was always looking for and the one that I was always looking for to love me is me. You see I don’t think anyone else can ever really fill that bill but us. In my attempting to be an atheist years I might have added “not even God” but my new and growing, I think, understanding of God and myself is that that tremendous urge we have to merge is really a misunderstanding we have really always been and will always be forever one. As the lovely song I have posted several times says so well we never truly walk alone.

One of my favorite lines from the New Testament that comes to me often says, “Seeing as we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses, let us run with endurance the race set before us.” I used to be like many of my Christian friends a stickler for giving chapter and verse but since Google it is so easy to type in a few words and find the reference and even several translations and interpretations, I seldom bother. If you don’t believe I got it right look it up. You might learn something or I if you catch me and correct me. I used to love arguing the Bible with people but I do not anymore. It seems to me more a trait of people unsure of their beliefs or perhaps holding on to beliefs they should really let go of because the are no longer serving them.

Well, as usual, I have wandered a bit far a field but that is no problem for a traveling man or woman. Many of us are learning to carry home, heaven, in our hearts, and to love God and all others as we love ourselves. When you learn to start truly loving yourself you can let God and everybody else off the hook. Actually that one act sets you free to love everybody and everything and see not their weaknesses, short comings, or lack of love, but the most beautiful thing about you in them – your fulfilling and completely satisfying love. And so ends the the lesson, not really, for we are, all of us, just beginning to learn how deeply and truly we can love.

Your friend, fellow traveler

Self and everybody, everyplace, everything lover, (Apprentice anyway)

David White

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