The Love Behind A Smile

Blog 1196 – 12.05.2018

The Love Behind A Smile

I am a wordy guy with a life full of sage advice from learned lessons and am always about offering the encouraging word. But often there is not the time nor attention to deliver long speeches or stories or to get a particular point across, so I have learned to just try to keep that “I love you” look in my eyes and my smile.

Practice makes perfect they say, but I believe as with music, loving, and probably most if not all things that practice only takes you so far. It is performing that hones any skill. Even if our audience is only one, they deserve the best we have got. I have, we have, been practicing all our lives for this day’s performance. So let us rare-back at give it our very best smile. Now that was short and sweet, Wordy Guy.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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