It’s All Coming Back To Me Now

Blog 1193 – 12.02.2018

It’s All Coming Back to Me Now

As I was driving along on my second day’s drive to my new work assignment near Cheyenne, Wyoming, but in Colorado, I was remembering the two other wonderful works assignments I have had in Wyoming and also two in Colorado. For some time after first seeing the movie some years ago, An Unfinished Life, I dreamed of living in Wyoming. The movie is supposed to be set most of it in Wyoming. It was actually filmed in Canada but both are majesty in mountain beauty. You beach and palm tree lovers can have my share for I prefer snow capped mountains, reflected in deep blue lakes. My eleven month long hot summer in South Vietnam at nineteen and my over fifty years in the hot and humid Southland have more than fulfilled my need for heat. Don’t get me wrong I love the south and will always remember all the wonderful times and friends I have made there. I just prefer a higher, cooler, latitude, and it is working out for me.

I told someone that I was thinking about building a little cabin on some farm land in South Carolina to retire to with my wife Linda in a few years. And we may yet do that but the idea for me, at least, always has the caveat of only spending winters there and pulling my beloved Little House On Wheels to the high plains, prairies, and snow topped mountains throughout the other months. I responded to my friend’s remark about me changing my mind (Believe me I have no problem doing that and think it a good sign of growth) that the Northwest and Northern California and Oregon in particular like sirens call to me. When I first took this traveling job over six and a half years ago I told the folks that I was willing to work anywhere, and I have, some places longer than I intended, but that I preferred work in the Northwestern United States. I am a happy man and like most men I have seemed at least to lose my way from time to time but I am grateful and thankful for every detour for they too have been filled with adventure, beauty, and people I might have otherwise never met, whom I will ever love and never forget.

My life at sixty-eight is I believe far from over. I could be wrong about that but only regarding what I believe to be just this one life of many had and others yet to come. And, no, I do not have proof of that any more than Christians or Muslims do of the next destination being heaven or paradise. I think I have already found both of those here, in loving eyes, mine included, and in all the beauty these eyes have seen. Yesterday, I saw cotton fields in Texas, briefly the panhandles of Texas and Oklahoma, also a little bit of wind and rise in southeastern Colorado. But today to my left for most of the rest of my drive I will see the snow capped Rockies where of all the places I have roamed remind me the most of home. It is all coming back to me now. I must have been Jeremiah Johnson, mountain man, and loved it in another life. May you enjoy this dream life too as much.

Your friend, fellow traveler,

And mountain man,

David White

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