On The Road Yet Again

Blog 1192 – 12.01.2018

On The Road Yet Again

After a rare month spent with my wife Linda in Houston, Texas, our long time home, and fully expecting to get a long time work assignment before that in West Texas, I got late notice Friday afternoon that I am wanted in Hereford, Colorado. It is a small town with a large natural gas production facility that they are tripling the size of and where they need a Certified Welding Inspector yesterday and will for sometime, hence my quick trip. I gave up some time ago trying to make definite plans. Someone has said, “Wanna see God (the Universe) laugh, make plans.” But I am alright with that for I much prefer a laughing God to that mean S.O.B. I believe wrongly portrayed in the Old Testament. I much prefer a laughing, loving, caring, if sometimes stubborn God who knows that He/She always has a better plan than the best we can come up with. Oh, sometimes if we keep asking for specifics He/She will give them to us just to teach us to be careful what we ask for as we just might get it. So I learned some time ago to always add to my prayers, intentions, plans, requests the caveat that they be for “the good of the Universe, myself, and everyone, or please disregard them.” This is expressed in the New Testament as the “Thy will be done” clause and I think it is quite prudent.

I think I may have mentioned more than once in my sometimes rambling but I hope somewhat interesting, entertaining, and encouraging blogs that I believe that I, we all, are guided, guarded, and protected and always lined up with the Highest Good. I grant you that it sometimes might not seem so in the often unplanned and sticky middle of a new journey of adventure.

On my first day’s drive up from Houston yesterday I blew a tire on my travel trailer doing about seventy miles an hour, a real eye opening experience to be sure, got my undivided attention. I never lost control of my truck and trailer or rather Someone else had the situation under control. I was able to put on the spare and found another new one, even mounted on a rim, just down the road for a more than reasonable price. Go figure, planning can sometimes be over rated.

As a young Christian man, I am no longer either, I liked the saying “God is my Co-Pilot.” I have learned to think more accurately since then of myself as seldom if ever really even a co-pilot on the journey, more of a contented and happy passenger, and not nearly as much a reluctant traveler as perhaps I once was and some perhaps still are.

So I am off on a new adventure again. Frankly I have been for such a long time working north that I was wondering if I could acclimate to the humidity and heat of Texas again. I did enjoy the time with my wife, son, other family, and friends but a rare cool spell most of the month of November made that even better for me than it might have been. Just a few days in the seventies was more than enough for me. I am happiest in the cooler, even cold climes. And, yes, I know sunny, sandy beaches appeal to many of you, especially when the leaves have fallen off the trees and the cold winds blow but I am a man-boy who will always prefer the snow. It always makes me feel like it’s my birthday. A friend I met in Wisconsin always texts me “Happy Birthday” when it snows there. I have seen but little snow in Texas during the over thirty-five years I have lived there. I have seen snow in Tennessee, New York, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Georgia, Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Alaska, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and I expect to see more soon in Colorado and Cheyenne, Wyoming where I will be living for some months to come, that is of course unless the Universe has other plans and that too would be fine with me. My card much like the hard working Paladin’s should read, “Have Fun Will Travel.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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