What Are You Waiting For?

Blog 1191 – 11.30.2018

What Are You Waiting For?

“The spirit to move you” was the question and follow-up that I remember hearing a lot as as a child. But what spirit, or whose spirit were they talking about? Growing up right smack in the middle of the Bible Belt, Chattanooga, Tennessee, and just thirty miles south of Cleveland, Tennessee, worldwide headquarters of three Spirit-filled Church organizations, I heard a great deal about the third person of the Christian Trinity, the Holy Ghost, or Holy Spirit.

Holy smokes, Batman, tells us what you heard.

Mainly this: that for a long time God, the Father, dealt with all his children mainly through, angels, judges, lawgivers, prophets, priests, and kings, but for a short while, about thirty years or so through a particular Son, and after that a Paraclete (No, not “parakeet” or “pair of cleats” though the names sounds similar. Paraclete is from the Greek and means “go between and is referring to the Holy Spirit, invisible to the naked eye, but like the wind you can see where, when, and what he/she moves.)

If I may I would like to share with you an alternate story of how the Holy Spirit came into the picture long before Pentecost and quite a bit different than the one I learned as a child in Sunday School. It begins with a garden story as the Bible does but with a slightly different twist on the traditional interpretation of that story. God created all, the sun and the stars, the day and the night, the wet and the dry, the fish in the oceans, the animals on land, and the birds in the sky. He/She planted a garden and created a model of a man from the red clay, breathed life into it, a part of Him/Herself, and brought the animals to him to love and to care for but instead the man merely named them, thereby probably trying to limit them and make them seem less than and he thereby more so, yet he felt incomplete, alone. Never was that then or even now for a moment ever true. But as Papa says in the book and movie, The Shack, “It is hard to see God when you are looking through the knot hole of your pain.” If you have not read the book or seen the movie do yourself a favor and do read or see it. Google The Shack and get yourself a copy and then another one to share with a friend.

But back to the story. God put the man to sleep and in his dream man developed a split personality, male and female, corresponding to the two-sided brain in him, rational and emotional, facts and feelings, two different ways of discerning the true true. Neither one good nor bad just two avenues to the same conclusions. Man was always intended to think with both sides of his brain. I happen to believe that all that transpired afterwards was and is even yet a dream. Yep, just like the childhood round, “Row, Row, Row your boat gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream.”

You see God foresaw that his beloved creature was already headed for big trouble, that naming things and thinking everything good or evil thing being big clues. Remember before ever bringing the animals to the man God had looked upon all He/She had made and pronounced it good. Therefore loving his creation perfectly and not wanting man or the rest of it to be ruined or destroyed God with no little input from the creature himself concocted a dreamworld where all the possible scenarios could be lived out safely and harmlessly. The first one being the fall, the rebellion, and the struggle to find the way back home, back to wholeness, back to the garden, back to God.

You see in the dream the one man first believes he is two and then three, sort of a human trinity – man, woman, and ego (little snake in the grass tempting him to doubt God’s love and best intentions for him.) In the dream he breaks the “one rule” (One that little he-she-ego not God came up with so that breaking it he/she/it would be able to label everything good or bad, a concept God never intended, all that is real being only good.) The man chose to split into two, then three, believing that he was he, she, it, and bad to boot. So God in the dream becomes three parts too, all good, Father to relate to the man, Son (child) to relate to the woman, and Holy Spirit to relate to the ego, the least holy of the three in man’s made up trinity. It is a fascinating story and has been lived out over and over again through countless lives of many differing permeations. You and I are at this moment experiencing our current one of perhaps a long series with more to come maybe.

At both my dad and mom’s funerals my cousin Gale, a devotee of one of those three Christian denominations headquartered in Cleveland, Tennessee sang the song, Sheltered Safe In The Arms Of God, which says:

I’ll fall asleep and wake in God’s new heaven, sheltered safe within the arms of God.”

It is to me the perfect ending to the sweetest if sometimes scariest of dreams. I have, my friends, given this more than a little thought. See you all later, if not before, in the morning when we are all refreshed from our deep sleep and completely wake.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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